Girls Varsity Basketball gets dominated in Thursday matchup

Trina Lizama, Staff Writer


As the girls varsity basketball season kicked in, Ayala and Rancho Christian went head to head in both of their 3rd games of the season. Ayala’s record at the time is 0-2 and Rancho Christian’s is undefeated at 2-0. 

As the game started in the first quarter, Rancho Christian took the advantage to start on top and scored 22 points. Ayala fell behind with only scoring 6 points.  

During the 2nd quarter, Rancho Christian brought their total to 47 by scoring 25 points. Ayala still trails the game by scoring 8 points, making their total 14 points. 

After the first half, Ayala is looking for some change during the 2nd half of the game. They were able to score 13 more points during the 3rd quarter, leaving them with 27 points. Rancho Christian also scored their most points in the 3rd quarter and scored 78. So far, Rancho Christian and Ayala come to the final stretch with the score being 78 to 27.

During the 4th and final quarter, Ayala was able to get their last 9 points in and ending with 36 points. Rancho Christian scored their least amount of points, it being 14, but winning the game with the final score being 92 to 36. 

Ayala’s record comes to 0-3 and Rancho Christian record being 3-0.