Super Mario Rally: last rally of the school year but ultimately underwhelming?


Avery Rosas

While introducing class competitions, past USB President (Gabriella Torres) and current USB President (Chloe Kubeldis) are seen introducing the Mario Kart inspired game.

Madeline Khoo

From canceled rally date to yet another canceled rally date, the long awaited Super Mario themed rally had arrived. On Friday April 28th, the Class of 2023 stingrays attended their last high school rally while the United Student Body (USB) hosted their last event of the year.

With the Super Mario rally initially expected to take place on March 10th, the untimely weather didn’t lead to just one, but two different canceled rally dates that caused confusion towards students, USB students, and teachers. Although the first canceled date was said to have rain, the second cancellation date reasoning was never confirmed despite there being no issues that would interfere with its success. Especially with AP exams coming near, the continued cancellations made it seem slim of whether the rally would actually happen or not.

“I wish there was more communication from staff,” Senior Class President Logan Del Rosario said. “Maybe I’m just not aware of why it was canceled, but I felt that it was unnecessary and ruined our rally because it was forced to merge.”

There have been speculations that the last rally of the year would have been Pirates of the Caribbean themed, but was ultimately unable to come through because of lack of time left in the school year. Instead, the continuously canceled Mario rally would be combined with the end of the year rally as the senior class prepared for graduation. 

“As a senior student I felt that this rally did not live up to the ‘senior rally’ standard and was honestly forgettable, but as a member of USB, I can recognize the hard work and dedication put into creating these rallies so I can’t be too angry,” said Rosario. 

Due to the rally combining both spring sports and the end of the year academic recognition, it seemed as though the rally would be much longer but ended up finishing 40 minutes early. As part of the performances, the Chinese Club performed a traditional dragon dance. 

“I was less anxious this time as after practicing for almost the entire school year and having performed multiple times, I felt more confident in performing the show,” Chinese Club President Kevin Li (10) said. “Performing in front of a large audience for the first time was still daunting for me and my teammates.”

This rally lacked the class performances that most people looked forward to. However, the class competition games continued and featured a Mario Kart game in real life where the senior class won. Although there was an effort to stick to the Mario-theme, the entire rally itself wasn’t cohesive or engaging enough to keep students interested. 

Despite the amount of effort the USB class had put in, those who attended agreed that the rally was underwhelming and not the best it could have been. In comparison to the rallies that were held in the gym, the energy from the crowd and school spirit wasn’t there. As the school year comes to an end, students only hope that gym construction will finish and the future rallies prove to be more successful. 

“It was underwhelming because it was supposed to be two rallies mashed into one, but the only thing I can remember is them mentioning the top ten and that’s it,” Janelle Lim (10) said. “I didn’t get it.”