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Farewell from the Editor-in-Chief

Hector Rosas
Over the past three years, Rosas has given everything in order to have the privilege and honor of saying that he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Bulldog Times. Now, he says goodbye.

Dedicated students and staff,

I have begun writing this the night of September 19, 2023, and I have, already, the trepidation of how I will feel once this is all said and done. 

One month into my last year at Ayala High School, my last year with the Bulldog Times, I have caught myself drifting and wandering into muddy creeks deep within my mind—as I write my final staff biography, as I scan the class I will soon leave behind, as I sit idly on my couch chair as afternoon sun tickles my Nordgreen wrist watch. I fill with dread for the day I must bid my farewell to what truly embraced me first.

I know not yet what this year has for me. It’s already been more stress-inducing than the last. I believe, as of September, that I actually love the stress. I love having meetings and pending matters race my heart and fill my mind. I love the sigh of a long day and the feet-aches of long paces across campus. I love what it means, and how it feels, to be someone. 

Because of the Bulldog Times, I have become someone.

That someone, now, has taken the bountiful experiences enabled through journalism and has forwarded them towards something new and worthwhile. The lessons and experiences that I’ll carry to the University of California, Irvine will be a valuable tool in a career that I plan to take by storm.

He was once an idle, directionless pigeon who couldn’t call a spade a spade nor lead an entire publication became a focused person, and I would fail to attribute this self-revolution to anything but the Bulldog Times.

I often found myself in the sullen daze of muddled evenings, usually carrying no more than my name and a tired camera. I would sit, rather throw, myself against my gray couch and, after the undulating pulsations in my forehead died down from exhaustion and stress, I would continue again. I did so happily; I did so with purpose.

Walking into B103 every day at 11:44 AM, I learned to actually believe in a cause, one that I could lead myself, and I never took that for granted.

It’s still fresh in my mind, the first time I was recognized for my work. A menial MLB postseason article that was longer than it needed to be, had an egregiously-long lead, and riddled with AP-style blunders—but it was good. It was mine. And I wanted to do even better. By year’s end, I was preparing for a Sports Editor position. By next year’s end, I was preparing to be Editor-in-Chief, with an entirely new editorial board by my side.

My one and only national writing award, ranking Excellent in sports writing in San Francisco. (Katie Cheng)

The year was far from perfect, but it worked. With my amazing department editors and writing staff, it worked. I am especially grateful for them.

For those who truly needed me, through your writing journey in the class or through your desire to be seen in the sandstorm of a student body in my articles, I hope you know that it was beyond a pleasure to serve you as the Editor-in-Chief of the Bulldog Times. 

The efforts made by students, staff, and community members who truly radiate their passions deserve praise regardless of whether or not they’re featured in an otherwise-well-intended school newspaper, but I tried my best to make people feel as seen as possible.

If nothing else, I did all that I could in the pursuit of one journalistic constant: the truth.

And an equal debt is owed to those that challenged me and the personal indignations that have taught me great lessons. Though your cannons have fired, I thank you, even now, for the tenacity you’ve bred within me. Your resounding, piercing voices have, if nothing else, taught me peace.

I will carry peace within me in the endeavors that I’ve yet to encounter. In a diluted, stress-inducing high school experience that I simultaneously hated and adored, I found peace.

For a life saturated with monumental successes and horrifying blows, I submit everything that my life has become to the Bulldog Times and all that it represents. 

A special thanks to some of my journalism peers, past and present:

Katie Cheng, Katelyn Jimenez, Bailee Alejos, Isabel Sim, Elisabeth Lee, Madeline Khoo, Kim Flores, Sohan Raval, Trina Lizama, Olivia Mendoza, Ryan Wu, Ian Gonzalez, David Rodriguez, Wren Bulawin, Trinity Phillips, Annie Kim, Maximus Hemming, Jessica Rios, Pooja Singamsetty, Jacob Harper, Logan Hugo (DLHS), Alexzander Reedy (DLHS), Roxy Kalantari, Kaylani Hsu, Aniya Grant, Jiaying Hou, Janelle Lim, David Kim, Kaitlyn Luu.

To adviser Ms. Eileen Tse, the Bulldog Times staff, varsity baseball, United Student Body, Associated Chino Teachers, the Journalism Education Association and National Scholastic Press Association, Ayala administration, the Chino Hills community, my parents, my family, my dear friends, the students, and you—our faithful readers.

Thank you.


This publication was the house that I built; I do not live there anymore, but the roses still bloom. I am still there.

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About the Contributors
Avery Rosas
Avery Rosas, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor
Avery Rosas (12) is the Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor for the Bulldog Times. In his third and final year on staff, he hopes to grow the publication’s reach by diving deeper into the stories that make our school, and our students, unique. Avery is very culturally centered from his proud Mexican heritage and, as a result, is heavily involved in the World Language programs at the school. He hopes to influence others to become proud of their cultures while also respecting those of others. His immersion in his Mexican culture is seen in the altars he constructs for Dia de Los Muertos and heard in his never-ending Latino music playlists, his daily soundtrack consisting of anything from Natalia Lafourcade, Pedro Infante and Los Panchos to Romeo Santos, Caifanes and Los Angeles Azules.  However, his biggest passion, seen in his writing and known by those around him, is baseball; more specifically, his darling Los Angeles Dodgers. Baseball is the center of Avery's media consumption and his immersion in the sport has allowed him to meet people across the country who deepen his understanding of the game and generally just enrich his life. His proficiency in baseball and sports writing as a whole has allowed him to enjoy some of the proudest moments of his life, the biggest of which was ranking Excellent in Sports Writing during a trip to the JEA/NSPA competition and convention held in San Francisco in April 2023. This year, he's hoping to further improve his writing skills and reach Superior for his final high school competition. Despite this being his last year as an editor for the Bulldog Times, he hopes to impart his passion for the program onto his underclassmen staff members and show them the beauty of what the Bulldog Times can do for writers and collaborators during their high school years; he also took the liberty of  drastically surpassing the word count for his staff bio because it's his last year. Every moment, every article, every quote, and every word given to the Bulldog Times by Avery has been the legacy he hopes to leave to future student journalists and the higher standards he hopes to bring for the publication. And of course, he couldn't have done any of it without his mentor, advisor and friend, Ms. Eileen Tse, whom he will miss very much when he eventually leaves the Bulldog Times.  
Katie Cheng
Katie Cheng, Managing Editor, Social Media Manager
Katie Cheng (12) is a passionate esports enthusiast with the goal to build the scholastic esports scene. This year, she hopes to revolutionize the way social media is used, turning it into a community that highlights the best of the students and local businesses. Through a series of digestible content, she hopes to use the cheerful spirit of the Bulldogs as an incentive for her peers to take part in these activities as well. This past Jurassic Park Rally has been one of her favorites as it was her first time doing live coverage of the event. Off the clock you can catch her snowboarding, playing games like League of Legends, or journaling. Stay on the lookout as you may just catch her on your for you page.
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