The Bucs drop Antonio Brown after public meltdown on the field

Sophia Torres

After his insane meltdown on the field, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided to cut Antonio Brown. Brown had been the Buccs wide receiver for a little over a year.

Sophomore Micah Luck said, “Honestly I’m not too sure if it was the right decision, they could have definitely punished him with something less permanent…” 

During a game against the Jets in New York, Brown claims to have been forced by his coach, Bruce Arians, to play with an ankle injury. After going back to the sidelines, Arians yelled at him and threatened that if Brown didn’t go out to play, he would be cut. 

So in retaliation, Brown decided to take off his clothes and run across the field, midgame, while waving to his fans. He then exited the stadium and refused to go back out and play. 

“He shouldn’t have run off the field like that, obviously there was going to be some consequences,” said sophomore Kendall Baldrias. 

Brown says that he is “reflecting on [his] reaction, but there was a trigger.” The trigger was his coach basically telling him he wasn’t allowed to feel pain. 

On top of that, Arians tried to say that Brown never spoke to him about his injury, so he was unaware of Brown’s ankle. However, Brown’s attorney said that Antonio actually DID speak to Arians and the training staff about feeling too hurt to continue playing in the game. 

“This whole ordeal is just a web of lies and I’m glad I didn’t ever support them,” said alumni Christian Sanchez (CO 2018).

When Brown first suffered his ankle injury, he missed 5 games and then an additional 3 games because an NFL investigation found that Antonio had actually produced a fake COVID-19 Vaccination card. 

Sophomore Bianca Perez said, “Woah, maybe his coach had a few reasons to cut him, and this was just the last straw.” 

Some former fans have also been saying that Brown running out of the game had absolutely nothing to do with his ankle. So, Brown is currently being accused of running off the field because none of his teammates were passing him the ball. 

“I wouldn’t put it past him. I think that anything is possible in this situation and not anyone is telling the real truth. This is why lying gets people nowhere,” said Baldrias. 

Brown and Arians have dug themselves holes that they can’t get out of. Maybe one of them is telling the truth, but who knows? They could both be lying to make themselves look better. 

So this brings into question, was Coach Arians wrong or right to cut Brown from the Buccs? And what will this mean for the team?