Seniors of Ayala: Full of jest

David Gorsage (12) channels his energy into choir, theater, and friends


David Gorsage

“My favorite moment is when everything comes together onstage and we blow the audience away. It is always absolutely phenomenal and takes my breath away every time,” David Gorsage (12) said.

Katelyn Jimenez, Staff Reporter

Taking a deep breath from on top an elevated dark stage, David Gorsage (12) waits as his fellow members of the vocal ensemble sound the first notes, which starts low and then rises, before singing soulfully the first lines of “Fare Thee Well”. The rest of the group harmonizes as he draws on the melody, which is longing and sorrowful. The song ends with a final resounding note, which is both deep and resounding. 

Ayala High School senior David Gorsage has been an active member of the Ayala Choir program since his freshman year, performing in over 20 choir performances.After his older sister joined the choir, Gorsage jumped headfirst into the challenge, inspired by his sister’s passion for the arts and with the hope that he would also be able to mirror that same joy. Since then, Gorsage has lived each day with a light heart and a voice ready to express his emotions through songform. 

“I originally started doing choir because my older sister was doing it and she seemed like she was having a good time, so I thought why not?” said Gorsage. “And for the four years I’ve been a part of it, it’s been nothing but fulfilling and fun for me.”

For Gorsage, the feelings of awe shared by the audience are mirrored in the songs he sings and the emotions he tries to portray through each performance. 

“My favorite moment is when everything comes together onstage and we blow the audience away,” Gorsage said.“It is always absolutely phenomenal and takes my breath away every time.” 

The performance that he felt he sang the best in was when he performed at the California All-State Music Educators Conference (CASMEC) as a sophomore. There, he felt a deeper connection with his fellow singers and felt proud of the work they had done together to prepare for that moment. 

“We had been preparing for it for months, and the feeling of being in that performance hall and sharing our hard work with some of the top choir directors in the state was an absolute blast,” Gorsage said. 

Close friend Sydney Reyes (12), who met Gorsage while starring in the show Hansel and Gretel in 2013, recognizes Gorsage’s unique sense of humor and dedication to his goals. 

“David is hardworking, diligent, and fun,” Reyes said. “He is so dedicated to anything he sets his heart to.. We also have similar senses of humor and love making those around us laugh.” 

Gorsage is also a member of Ayala’s Christian Club, Forensics Club, History Club, and Boys’ State Delegate for Ayala, which consisted of a weeklong virtual event. There, he helped run a simulated government and was elected superior court judge for his fake city. 

Ayala Choir teacher Robert Davis, who has been teaching Gorsage since freshman year, appreciates the passion and hard work Gorsage puts into in both choir and other aspects of life. 

I can tell he enjoys choir because I see him constantly push himself to get better. If he didn’t like what he’s doing, he wouldn’t continue to push himself,” Davis said. 

Mr. Davis also appreciates the leadership Gorsage brings to the group, which builds from a team mentality. 

“With other students, he really is a mentor. There are a lot of students that look up to him, and for good reason”, said Mr. Davis. “He’s an excellent musician and a fierce friend. He wants everyone to succeed and doesn’t put others down to build himself up.” 

When not singing for choir, Gorsage volunteers at the Chino Community Theater, reads, plays with his huskies, or plays video games. He lives each day with an open mind, with the hopes of finding something new, just as he did years ago at the Ayala Choir.