Boys Tennis falls just short in CIF 2nd round


Kobe Nguyen (12) and Christopher Long (12) in action during match

Avery Rosas, Sports Editor

The boys varsity tennis season came to an unfortunate end after a loss in their second round of California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) tournaments, capping off what was ultimately a successful year. 

Having lost most of their players the previous year due to graduations, they had a very new team that was sent out to compete this year. They performed very well, having gone 8-2-0 (Win-loss-tie) in Palomares League play and 10-6-0 overall. They finished 2nd in their division behind Claremont who went an immaculate 10-0-0 in league play and 14-0-0 overall. 

“Overall I thought the season went really well. We’ve grown more in both skill and relationships both on and off the court,” said junior John Luu. “Even though my doubles partner Steven [Nguyen] and I don’t, should I say gel that well, we do make a pretty good team. My record with him is 26 wins to 3 losses, which is pretty good in my opinion.”

Since the team didn’t exactly have a great sense of bonding or familiarity, there were hindering forces that they had to overcome in order to become the team that they were. The beginning of the season proved as a starting point for them as a group.

“We all played collectively in our second round CIF match compared to a few months ago where we were all playing separately and lacked a sense of unity and synergy,” said junior Richard Hu. “I am very proud of everyone who made sacrifices for the betterment of the team and improving day by day.”

As they got to know each other better and form what has started to become friendships, the continued efforts to form the closeness that they needed to have the successful season that they had. 

“Our team work greatly improved, though it may seem contradictory as tennis is an individual sport,” said Luu. “But the way we improved our teamwork is that we massively improved on doing our part on the team and we gave each other advice and support when we needed it.”

Once the season was over, they were faced with their first task in the opening round of CIF. Having thought they would be able to use this time to warm up, they were mistaken as they barely made it out. Luu and Hu were playing together which was unfamiliar for both of them, and Luu remarked on their playing time leading into the second round.

“I was playing with Richard [during the first round] as well, and we hardly ever played together except the day before the match,” said Luu. “We really did not come into our own until the last match, but by then it was too late.”

Since CIF is a large event, making sure you’re prepared to face your opponent in any sport is vital to making sure you have a plan and an idea of what you will be facing. Having seen their opponents all throughout the season, they were able to rely on those memories and other sources to prepare for the matches.

“During CIF it was important to find information about the opponent and I had to look through the opponents record as well as any articles published on the opponent,” said Hu. “It is always important to do research on your opponent and be prepared.” 

Although the second round didn’t go as planned, the bigger picture is to see how well the team performed in a year that was unfamiliar and slightly uncomfortable, so we can hopefully expect the same success and more from the upcoming season. 

“We played a very tight match losing 7-11 to Villa Park, I believe we lost very narrowly due to nerves and getting unlucky on certain points,” said Hu. “The match could have turned out either way; however, the other team was more fortunate this time.”