Staff of BDT: Avery Rosas

Avery Rosas: Finding a Path

Maximus Hemming, Staff Writer

At the ready, swinging the bat off for the play, Avery Rosas (11), editor for the Bulldog Times talks about his own experiences as only a Junior now in Ayala High School, looking back on the past few years with finding his own path, hobbies, and friends and realizing that it is only going to get better from here.

“You know even though I don’t have a vast amount of hobbies throughout my day I do in fact always look forward to baseball.” Rosas said, “Every Friday when I was a little boy my dad would take me out to play ball and I would enjoy it a lot though I never dedicated myself to playing on a team; I very much enjoy watching the sport and the community that surrounds it.” It was then in late 2016 when everything changed for Avery, he now took baseball into his heart as a passion he never thought would be.

Avery focuses and applies himself to his school academics and has worked very hard to maintain straight A’s for the past 2 years. Having all of these huge expectations for himself; not only for his current but also for his future which he has mapped out.

“I think even with my experience in journalism, it has really shown me that I could apply this sort of career to baseball which remains a huge part of my life.” Rosas said, “Being an editor has really opened my eyes to my own writing ability, and the thought that I could be editing an article about the Dodgers in the future, is very exciting for me personally.” 

Not everyone is sure what they might want to do which is perfectly okay, and when asked about the subject Avery explains that “It’s all a process really, once you find a niche and engulf yourself within that specific area it all sort of just comes together revealing more opportunities for yourself or even my own.

“When it all comes down to it, always surround yourself with people who share the same outlooks and interests so you can really propel yourself into something you never thought could be possible or would ever happen.” Rosas said, “I would always be on my baseball Instagram group chat forming relationships with total strangers who shared the same passions that I do and I could never be more grateful for having the opportunity to meet these people, to form real friendships, and be a part of something I would have never imagined I would be involved in.”

Whether it is grand or small, feeling a part of something and feeling that you have found something within yourself is one thing everyone can learn from Avery. It doesn’t matter who you are, as everyone finds their own niche which then has its own limitless possibilities for anyone who is willing to devote their time and energy to whatever you choose to pursue. 

“It really has been an eye opener for me personally, ever since I engulfed myself into the sport I’ve just retained so much passion for it and I’m excited looking forward to what else is going to come into my future.”

Avery displays his own recognition for his own determination and will to continue forward with whatever comes his way while also being self-aware of who he surrounds himself with and which kinds of influences he should retain. 

Always try your best in finding that part of yourself you never thought was there and do not take anything for granted, instead – take the action and swing for greatness. Rosas said, “You know, I have more people that I can rely on now and it’s just a really cool thing that has happened to me.”