Varsity Football drops Homecoming Game in Blowout Fashion


Avery Rosas

Bulldog players and staff support their teammates from the sidelines

Jacob Harper, Staff Writer

On September 23rd, 2022, the Ayala Bulldogs went up against The Citrus Valley Black Hawks. It was the homecoming game for Ayala, taking place at home. After Ayalas beautiful choir finished singing the national anthem, the game had begun.

The first quarter starts and Ayala received the ball on the 20 yard line, with 10 more yards to go until the fourth down. Ayala then punts the ball and the Black Hawks receive the ball on the 32 yard line. The Black Hawks made their way down the field and ended up scoring a touchdown and succeeded in the extra point.

The score is now 7-0, and with the first quarter now being over, the Black Hawks were now winning by 7. The second quarter started and the Black Hawks received the ball. Again, they make their way all the way down the field to score another touchdown, and the Black Hawks were also able to score the extra point. With the score now being 14-0, the Bulldogs still had not scored.

The 3rd quarter started and Ayala managed to get a hold of the ball long enough to make it down the field and score a touchdown, also succeeding in getting the extra point. The score was now 14-7 and the Bulldogs were only down by 7. More into the 3rd quarter, the Black Hawks managed to score another touchdown and an extra point right at the end of the quarter.

Now 21-7, the fourth quarter was about to start. The Black Hawks once again scored another touchdown and an extra point. The game came to an end and the final score was 28-7 with the Ayala Bulldogs losing their homecoming game.

Heading into the next couple games, Ayala finds themselves trying to get back on a winning streak, dropping their first game of the season after starting 5-0, against the Glendora Tartans.

Citrus Valley improves to 4-1 and will be faced with yet another lossless opponent, going up against Beaumont and their 5-0 record exactly a week after their Friday night win.