Ayala Arttober Challenge 2022 starts now!


Prompts for Ayala Arttober 2022

Jessica Rios, Open Canvas Editor

Spooky season is among us, and Ayala’s Arttober Challenge, hosted by Open Canvas Editors Wren Bulawin (12) and Jessica Rios (12), started on October 13 and is a “treat” for Ayala’s creative writers, artists, and musicians to showcase their talent and creativity.

The deadline for the challenge is October 29 at 11:59 p.m. If you wish to participate, it’s important to save the date! Prompts this month include a wide range of mysterious themes: folklore, music box, marionette, harvest, and more! These prompts (shown above) can also be found on the Ayala Bulldog Times’ Instagram post.

Note that the challenge was designed to be flexible for participants so there is no set date for the prompts. However, they must do at least 5 prompts in a row or consecutive squares from the bingo to be eligible for the competition and win gift vouchers to 7Leaves. All mediums are welcome and encouraged! That means art, poetry, songs, short stories, lyrics, etc.

There will be 1 winner from each class, so there will be 4 total winners announced on October 31 (Halloween!). Nonetheless, participants will be recognized in a gallery published on the Bulldog Times site.

Be sure to submit your creative works under #ahsarttober22 if posted on Instagram or submit them to this Google Form on Open Canvas.