[Playlist] Cozy Autumn Vibes

Wren Bulawin, Staff Writer

Warm cabins amidst orange oaks and the crunch of dried leaves underfoot—whether it be foraging for fungi in the forest or embracing the warmth of fall festivities, this cozy, indie-folk, acoustic playlist will accompany you through every autumn journey.

hallows eve masquerade — Beetlebug

Nothing quite says autumn like the start of spooky season! This soft waltz brings back the childhood magic of Halloween to kick off fall festivities.

Hello My Old Heart (Ten Year Anniversary) — The Oh Hellos

This indie folk duo explores a new, warmer take on their very first release with their anniversary remake. Feel free to settle by the fireplace with a freshly-baked slice of pumpkin pie and let the ambient strums of this tune melt your heart.

Heart’s on Fire — Passenger

Struggling to cope with change this season? Let Passenger’s gentle and yearning acoustics give your heart that warm, cozy hug it needs.

Death with Dignity — Sufjan Stevens

The simple yet enchanting harp-like acoustics make this indie track perfect for an introspective walk in the autumn woods.

To the Mountains — Lizzie McAlpine

This tender tune is the perfect accompaniment to any autumn self-discovery journey, regardless if you’re hiking a mountain trail or journaling from the cozy comforts of home.

Apple Pie — Lizzie McAlpine

No autumn is complete without a freshly-baked apple pie and some quality time with the ones you hold dear.

Autumn Town Leaves — Iron & Wine

Shorter days and colder weather making you feel a bit lonely? Let the warmth of this close-knit town comfort you with a sense of community this fall.

Featherstone — The Paper Kites

With ethereal vocals and a sense of wanderlust, this track is a perfect accompaniment to any autumn adventures and main character moments you may have this season.

Woodland — The Paper Kites

Feel like a child again and relive that wild autumn whimsy with this playful, carefree tune.

October Passed Me By — girl in red

A direct response to the iconic “we fell in love in october,” this song reminds you to look back at those who helped shape you as a person and share your gratitude with them during this season of thankfulness.

In a Week — Hozier feat. Karen Cowley

Become one with the fungi as you spend a week in the woods as a corpse with Hozier’s morbid yet beautiful perspective on autumn; after all, the forest’s yearly decay is simply nature’s way of giving back to the world.

Owl & The Moon — Alan Gogoll

Let all your worries fade away with this simple, rustic tune reminiscent of chilly autumn nights.

Twinkling Fall — aspidistrafly

We know it’s difficult to experience the magic of falling leaves and the crisp autumn breeze down in Southern California, so let this dreamy spin on “Twinkle Twinkle” transport you to an otherworldly oaken forest no matter where you are.

Homesick — Cavetown

Despite the adventurous autumn aesthetic, Cavetown reminds us that it’s always okay to go home, crawl back under the covers, and recharge.

Welcome Home — Radical Face

Whether you’re visiting relatives this fall or celebrating festivities among friends, this song reminds you to really savor those memories where your heart is most at home.