A seasonal place for seasonal bonding


Annie Kim

The Typhoon is a fan favorite ride during the bustling nights at the Harvest Festival.

Annie Kim

The upcoming spooky season always goes hand in hand with the annual Harvest Festival next to Ayala. As the Harvest Festival is a celebration during the time of harvest, it is significant in the way that the church shows thanks to God for the nature that he provides.

The Harvest Festival was hosted by St. Paul of the Apostle Church from October 21-23rd. The church had a variety of events and attractions some of which included live music, carnival games, exhilarating rides, raffles, silent auctions, a treasure chest (possible winnings of $20,000), and delectable carnival foods. The event has become a tradition for many that attend St. Paul and for the general residents of Chino Hills.

“Harvest Festival to me means two things. Since I’m a part of the church, it’s a fun and easy way to raise money. But it’s also been a tradition for my own family, since we go to support St. Paul every year,” senior Kaylie Do said. “My favorite part of the Festival is seeing everyone I know, whether it be from the church or from Ayala, I always look forward to seeing people I know everywhere I turn.”

Many people visit every year with their families and it has become a meaningful holiday as a reminder to be appreciative of giving to others. Little memories that may seem insignificant, something as simple as winning a goldfish, can become a long lasting memory for others.

“This year, I volunteered at the goldfish booth and it was a different perspective for me. I usually am on the other side enjoying the festivities. I enjoyed meeting new people and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when playing the game,” senior Angela Khadour said. “Many people kept coming back because they were determined to take home a goldfish and that made me happy.”

Many opportunities are given throughout the event for both volunteers and customers to have a sense of community and bond whether it is with your friends, family, or fellow volunteers. A variety of family friendly rides were present that people ranging from all ages could ride on. Some of which were carousels for young children and ecstatic fast rides for hyper teenagers.

My favorite part about the festival is the rides. I never got tired of the rides, even after all of these years, and still have fun with my friends when we go on it,” senior Bryce Villao said. “The purpose of the Harvest Festival is to host a communal event in which locals can have a fun time, while also supporting the church.” 

Having the opportunity to spend time with the loved ones is such an amazing bonding experience that people keep coming back for year after year.