Ayala Arttober 2022 Results


Juniper Witt’s entry for the “disguise” prompt captures the whimsical melancholy of revealing the unknown.

Wren Bulawin and Jessica Rios

Ayala Arttober has officially come to an end! Thanks to all the participants who partook in this year’s spooky art challenge! The creativity and talent displayed in all the pieces is truly awe-inspiring. We hope to showcase even more of your artwork in the future.



Our official raffle winners are…

Senior: Juniper Witt

Sophomore: Alexandra Stoica



All participants will receive one 7Leaves Voucher, and the official raffle winner will also receive a complimentary 7Leaves metal straw! Stop by at room B103 with your student ID to claim your prizes.




Yong Hua Wu – Disguise, Mirror, Mushroom, Lost, Rake


Kayla Bondoc – Broom, Marionette, Visibility, Chill, Mushroom


Juniper Witt – Disguise, Mirror, Mushroom, Lost, Rake



Alexandra Stoica – Music Box, Broom, Marionette, Sweet, Harvest