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When we are craving a sandwich, we may not always know which place to go to. If you are ever in need of deciding between Jersey Mikes or Subway, hopefully this will help and guide you in your decision.
[Opinion] The ultimate sandwich debate: Jersey Mike’s or Subway?
Dallas Mangold March 24, 2023

When we think of food within our city (Chino/Chino Hills), we don’t usually think of which sandwich shop is better. Thinking of the best sandwiches...

With China growing in their power, its only a matter of time before they come out on top of our existing global powers.
[Opinion] China is passing up the United States in nearly everything
Ibrahim Saxe March 24, 2023

China has been a growing power for the past century and now it is the changing power of the century, even challenging the United States. The...

Having fulfillment with your own appearance may not come easy; however, when we look past this we soon realize the progress that has really been made that we unfortunately ignore.
Exercise and eating disorders in the fitness industry
Maximus Hemming , Staff Reporter • March 24, 2023

The fitness industry has become a major focus when it comes to addressing issues of eating disorders and exercise addiction. With the cultural...

The past few years, performance enhancing drugs have seen an increase in their usage as more and more people within the industry continue to spread lies about whether they use these products. PEDs are not only controversial in terms of the physical attributes they bring but also the major health concerns that come along as well.
Exploring performance enhancing drugs’ influence on the fitness industry
Maximus Hemming, Staff Reporter • March 24, 2023

The fitness industry has seen a tremendous surge in popularity over the years, with health and wellness being a top priority among individuals....

A gym membership might be too expensive or just downright intimidating for some. If this is the case, why not seek out building your own gym?
The benefits of creating a home gym and how to start
Maximus Hemming , Staff Reporter • March 24, 2023

With the cost of gym memberships around today, it can be hard to keep up with the expense as you are constantly being overcharged with constant...

The 95th annual Oscars ceremony was one of genuine, heartfelt moments that many have felt was a refreshing twist from last years ceremony.
The 95th Academy Awards: historic wins, reunions, and surprising snubs
Jessica Rios March 24, 2023

The Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards, was held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on March 12, 2023 at the Dolby Theatre...

As we near the end of the series, The Last of Us continues to explore the dynamics between Ellie and Joel, as the audience comes to understand just how much they rely on each other.
[Recap] The Last of Us E7&8: Incorporating Ellie's story
Cody Flores and Angelique Taylor March 24, 2023

Episode 7 The Last of Us has truly stuck with its reputation and upholds the standards held of the audience as the story progresses. Last...

As The Last of Us progresses, so too does the dynamics that are explored through the show, particularly those relating to familial ties and what exactly a true family looks like.
[Recap] The Last of Us E5&6: tackling family dynamics
Cody Flores and Angelique Taylor March 24, 2023

Episode 5 Released on February 10, 2023 , characters Joel and Ellie find themselves taking the long road in order to find the fireflies. Almost...

The transition between pre- and post-pandemic life has proven difficult for everyone, especially teenagers. As the world shifts back to normal, is it really fair to suddenly expect the younger generation to return to their previous selves unscathed?
Three years later: Are we okay?
Wren Bulawin, Open Canvas Manager, Assistant Features Editor • March 23, 2023

Exactly three years ago, the world turned upside down.  Suddenly, humanity was faced with a global trauma unlike any other. Suddenly, we...

Nowadays, almost everyone wants to look like one of their favorite movie celebrities with their ideal body; however, we dont often realize these are expectations that we just cant uphold. Hollywood isnt true to reality and it has drastically affected many peoples mindset on what body standards should be.
Does Hollywood Create Unrealistic Body Images?
Maximus Hemming , Staff Reporter • March 23, 2023

For a long time, the beauty standard in Western cultures has been centered around Hollywood. What the rich and famous wear, do and look like...

The appropriated aesthetics of the ABG and Kevin Nguyen stereotypes are essentially watered down versions of preexisting subcultures, particularly subcultures that were formed by Black Americans. The makeup styles, tattoos, and opulent gold jewelry are just some aspects of these aesthetics that derive from Black culture.
Analyzing self-imposed stereotypes of the Vietnamese Diaspora
Kaitlyn Luu, Staff Reporter • March 23, 2023

In 2023, just about every Asian American under the age of 30 has probably heard the term ‘Asian baby girl’ or its acronym ‘ABG’ in reference...

True Crime Chronicles: The pig farmer
True Crime Chronicles: The pig farmer
Pooja Singamsetty, Staff Reporter • March 23, 2023

WARNING: This story contains graphic details depicting the crimes of Robert William Pickton.  *TW: Mention of murder, rape, misogyny* Robert...

With the rise of mental health issues, the counseling services here at Ayala are open to all students seeking someone to talk to.
Student resources: caring for students mental health
Dallas Mangold March 23, 2023

In our world today, mental health is something major and serious that is overlooked greatly. Students today are plagued with anxiety, depression,...

Notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had a strange obsession with the movie The Exorcist III. He forced some of his victims to watch the movie before he killed them.
Jeffrey Dahmer: The man who lived for death
Pooja Singamsetty, Staff Reporter • March 23, 2023

WARNING: This story contains graphic details depicting the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer. *TW: mention of sexual assault, murder, rape, necrophilia*  Jeffrey...

With the experience of working at a golf course, let this part-time worker give you a rough rundown of the day in the life working at the country club.
Advice from a part-time worker: working at a golf course
Dallas Mangold March 23, 2023

The day of someone who works is not always the same. Workplaces can vary in excitement depending on the day and how you make the day. Some places...

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