International news: leaked documents leading to political turmoil


Elaine Kuang

Following the leaks of classified government data, many people expect this to result in political turmoil.

Ibrahim Saxe

Jack Teixera was arrested on April 13th by the FBI and charged with unauthorized removal, retention and transition of classified documents. The damage has been done and it will affect the United States’ standing in the rest of the world.

One nation that has been affected by the release of the documents is the Republic of Korea, more commonly known as South Korea. The documents allegedly state that the president’s office had been bugged by the United States along with a wider spying network in the country, making the upcoming meeting between the U.S. and Korean presidents tenuous. As many in Korea feel betrayed by the American government and want less American involvement in their country, South Korea made an agreement to not give weapons to parties in active war, something the U.S. has taken issue with. The documents also detail how the U.S. has been pressuring the government of South Korea to send weapons and using the audio from the meeting to blackmail the president into falling in line. In addition to this, it has been seen that the documents detail how the United States pressured Israel into providing lethal weapons to Ukraine, including the Iron Dome, that is otherwise known as the Shield of David.

Another nation severely affected by the leaked documents is Ukraine and their war against the Russian Federation. The documents detail a significantly different story than what the Ukrainian and American government have publicly stated. It is claimed that 10 times as many Ukrainian military deaths contradict the Ukrainian government’s estimate of Russian and Donbass deaths by being only a fifth of what is reported. The document then goes into detail of the discussion regarding the Ukrainian army near collapse and their planned offensive that will fail.

However, the biggest issue for the American government created by the leaks is that a 21 year old recruit got his hands on highly top secret documents and was sharing them for weeks before the American government and media found out what was happening in Massachusetts. It echoes an idea by some historians that the United States will fall like Rome and shows that the documents undermine the little trust within the American people in their government.