Dual enrollment opens opportunities to students who are looking for additional courses


Dual enrollment courses that are available this spring semester.

Raya Aguirre

Imagine you are choosing your schedule for the next school year. There are some interesting classes, but you wonder if these are the only options available to you.  The interests of a student cannot surely be confined by the curriculum of the school.  If that is the case for you, dual enrollment is an option.  

Dual enrollment is offered at Ayala through Chaffey College for Spring and Fall semesters and includes various college courses.  This inexpensive partnership that covers all costs, including textbooks, allows high school students to enroll into up to two college courses that can qualify them for real college credit onto their transcripts. 

If the idea of taking a college course is a bit frightening, there is always the choice to opt out of posting the grade you receive on your transcript. In other words, don’t worry about grades if you don’t want to!  Learn new concepts and ideas in courses that pique your interest, make sure to have fun!

Some of the courses offered through Chaffey and Ayala’s partnership include: Intro to Criminal Justice, Intro to Business, Developmental Psychology, Intro to Computer Information Systems, Asian American History, and more. Those who wish to take other courses for dual credit that are not part of the partnership can do so through the non-High School Partnership program, but this does not guarantee that you will have zero fees when enrolling.

While you are able to sign up for unique classes, there is a limit. According to the CVUSD website, “high school students may take a maximum of 11 units during fall and spring semester free of tuition.  If you wish to take a college course over the summer, “the maximum number of units high school students may take free of tuition is 6 units.” 

For those interested, consult your counselors and check out the courses through the CVUSD website in alternative education.  As Ayala is partnered with Chaffey College, students have access to Chaffey Career Center’s for tutoring and meetings with Professors. 

 Helpful information and links are available to anyone who is interested.