Sydney Reyes: keeping it positive

Naomi Lopez

When the pressures of high school start to hit, it’s stay positive. So, people have to find support systems to get themselves through the work-filled days. 

Class of 2022 Vice President, Sydney Reyes has specialized in shining a light wherever she goes, radiating positivity throughout each day in high school. In the four long years Reyes has spent at Ayala, she’s managed to keep a smile on as she joins club after club, and takes AP after AP. One may ask how she does it, and Reyes has some words of advice to answer that. 

“Try to join an organization or club on campus that really speaks to who you are. Within it, there are so many amazing individuals who share your interests and [could be] great friends,” said Reyes. 

She partakes in a heap of extracurricular activities. All while taking on the position of the Senior Class Vice President, she is also the President of Choir, the Co-President of Ed. Acts Global, Vice President of Communication for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), the Treasurer of International Thespian Society, and a member of LEO Club, Drama Club, National Honors Society, and Mock Trial. In addition to all of these extras, she’s currently taking 5 AP classes! Most would say that list is far too long, even would say half of it is. But, she has her reasons.

“I am very passionate about the arts and helping my community. Within all of those clubs and organizations, I am able to collaborate with individuals who share those same passions,” said Reyes.

Everyone has a passion, but sometimes, it can be exhausting to follow that passion. But Reyes is one of the few who decides to challenge the norms, and she goes after anything she takes interest in. Yes, anything. That long list of clubs and classes sure proves it.

“I love everything I do, and make sure to stay positive when things overlap and work piles up,” said Reyes. 

She has proven herself to be an extraordinary person who takes on a heavy workload, but there are others who have remained by her side to help her through it all. After all, who could make do without a support system? Lucky for Reyes, she’s made herself a group of close friends that have a few words to say about her determination.

“I’ve always felt that her consistent kindness and her sense of humor are distinctly Sydney, she’s a really incredible person and I’m happy to call her my friend,” said senior David Gorsage.

As a friend of Reyes since age nine, Gorsage has watched her grow into the person she is today.

“Sydney always gives it her all, no matter what she’s doing. In choir, theatre, mock trial, and the million other things she’s involved with. She goes a hundred percent, and I really admire that about her.”

Reyes has challenged the stresses that high school brings down upon its attendants, but she has set a great example for those who will follow in her footsteps. As a parting gift, Reyes gives some advice in her final year to those who will come after her.

“Be yourself! That sounds cliché, but it really is true. Trying to be someone you’re not is a waste of time and so harmful to your mental health. You got this!”