Pleasing company by Harry Styles: Quality or Mediocrity?


Shriya Bikumalla

Students question whether Harry Style’s new beauty line ‘Pleasing’ will be of value quality or run for entertainment purposes only

Shriya Bikumalla

Pleasing, a “life brand” is a company with products ranging from skincare to nail polish. Their current products include the perfect pearl polish which comes in a set or individual, crewnecks and serums, a dual lip and eye refreshing pen. The way that this new company got maximum publicity is because their founder is Harry Styles. Many people have questions for this company including, “Will it be a legitimate skincare and nail polish brand or is this just a fun business venture for Styles?” The answer is both. Styles claims that he created this brand to “explore ideas that go beyond music,” and he is a consumer of whatever he is making, making certain that he fully tests the products and only puts out the best possible product.

Rachel Charles, graduate of Ayala High School, says that the most important thing she looks for when buying nail polish is, “It’s the brand! I tend to go for more famous brand names.” This shows that going for these name brand names means the quality is good and there is some reliability on it’s name. She does say that the products are a bit overpriced, and she would never spend that amount of money on nail polishes. This is a controversial topic among many people considering that each nail polish is $20 but many argue that it is quite rich in its production and how the product allows for one swipe rather than multiple layers of nail polish for full coverage.

Junior, Laila Ervin, is planning on buying the perfect polish set and would like to give her two cents on Pleasing. She says that the cost is most definitely controversial yet, people are paying for the quality which is great. At the end of the day, “Celebrity products no doubt will be more expensive because they’re constantly in demand.” Her most important factor in buying nail polish is the colors and the quality because those are the biggest things to consider. If someone is buying a cheap nail polish there is a highly likely chance that it won’t work making their investment into the nail polish a waste of money. 

These products are meant to excite people with using these products. As a creative and fashionable icon, Harry Styles and Pleasing will definitely take off. These products are perfect for a skincare and nail polish enthusiast. Find Your Pleasing.