Settling the debate: the best streaming platform


Katie Cheng

Out of all the existing video platforms available, I find the best to be Netflix, a platform that reportedly has over 100,000 titles in its library, while Hulu has around 46,000, as shared by These platforms have their own kinds of diverse shows and movies that make them unique to the user.

Although these platforms can only cater select media to their audiences, they often struggle with diversity. According to, “Netflix has over 200 anime series available, including A Silent Voice. This movie depicted the cruelty children can inflict onto each other and a 95% rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes. It stands alongside other anime classics like Sword Art Online and Your Lie in April.”

Meanwhile, Hulu reportedly has 230 anime on their platform, as shared by, “a little more than what’s on Netflix. Titles include newer anime, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, and much more.” Although, despite the promising looks, according to, “HBOMax only offers 17 different anime. These include Studio Ghibli Films and Naruto, titles that both include extensive shows and movies.”

These all cater to the various types of anime watchers out there and what they enjoy the most. While I am more on the casual side, I enjoy having a larger variety of shows, leaning more towards platforms like Hulu and Netflix. On the flip side, these platforms also have reality TV shows and movies for those who may not be interested in animated entertainment.

Netflix features shows and documentaries including OzarkThe Social Dilemma, and Gilmore Girls, each catering to its own community and fan-base. On HBO, viewers can expect to see episodes from Euphoria, Succession, and Somebody Somewhere, titles that are for more mature audiences with refined tastes. 9-1-1: Alone Star, Station 19, and even Mom are all on Hulu, available for people who may like to dive into the depths of historical times and are also more mature.

Although considering all of these ideas and their shows, I still believe that Netflix comes out to be the best streaming platform. They host many documentaries that include biopics like RBG, technological advancements with Social Dilemma, and even wars like what was depicted in The Battle of Midway. The diverse platform allows it to be a safe space for children and adults alike to learn something new with each episode.

While many may argue that Netflix limits the shows that you watch depending on your region, I believe that it’s worth considering the price and other shows they offer. According to, the availability of content varies, “due to the enforcement of copyrights and royalties, as each country has different laws and regulations around intellectual property and copying of media content”. 

Despite this being one of Netflix’s biggest downfalls and concerns, HBO Max is also limited on shows depending on location. On HBO Max’s Help Center, it’s stated, “If you travel to a country where HBO Max is not available, you can play shows and movies that you’ve already downloaded on your phone or tablet.” Additionally, Hulu also has similar restrictions, stating on their Help Center, “Hulu is not currently available outside of the U.S.”.

Rather than harshly sticking to a streaming service, I think it’s better to try around depending on which one is best. If you’re someone who enjoys traveling and watching on the go, platforms like Netflix and HBO may be the move. Although, if not, choosing based on the platform that has your favorite shows and has the best plan may be the best option. Netflix family-styled user selection allows children to have their own space to watch and enjoy at their own convenience, separating their shows from their parents. The reason Netflix works best for me is that not only do they cater to my travels, offering their shows worldwide, but they also have many Netflix Originals that I enjoy watching, including Arcane

These platforms can make or break your next binge night, so be thoughtful on which ones you choose and consider diving into the depths of the different features they may offer. On that note, don’t forget to grab your popcorn, some beverages, a couple of warm blankets, and enjoy the show!