8th Grade Night welcomes the newest Bulldogs to campus


Roni Minogue

Step by Step Club advertises for new members during 8th grade night.

Emily Gutierrez

This year’s 8th grade night was a success on multiple levels. Between the mini rally in the stadium to the performances from Polynesian Club and ASL Club, the future Bulldogs were kept very entertained and engaged.  

Eighth grade night involves incoming freshman to visit the Ayala campus and preview the many clubs within. During this event, there are multiple stands set up for all the different clubs and sports. The main goal of 8th grade night is to spread awareness and information about all the different activities that Ayala has to offer.

“The goal is for the 8th graders to get to experience the campus and interact with the student body,” sophomore Jordyn Campbell said.

From 5:00pm to 6:00pm, the stands of the clubs and sports were up for 8th graders to look at and ask questions of volunteer members and officer. Then from 6:00pm to 7:00pm there was a mini rally at the stadium that they went to view. After the mini rally, USB provided campus tours to whomever wanted them. Students from Ayala took the 8th graders all around the campus to tell them about what subjects were taught in the different buildings. 

While a majority of the night was exciting, behind the scenes, there was a bit of chaos caused by the families coming earlier than expected. This caused many people to hurry to set up, causing a bit of commotion. 

“I think that we could improve 8th grade night next year by opening the gates a little later. Parents started showing up at 4:30 when it was supposed to be at 5, and I had to rush a few tasks which I think made the event a little unorganized but everything worked out,” Special Event Commissioner junior Julia Medina said.

Despite the minor challenges along the way, the outcome was very rewarding and the payoff was amazing.

“I love watching the 8th graders walk around during the club rush portion and seeing how excited they get about all that Ayala offers. I think that portion of the evening is so much fun because the possibilities to get involved are so vast and the 8th graders have so much to look forward to in high school,” Activities Director Mrs. Alexis Sjol said.