Why we have a three day weekend: the significance of Good Friday


Ian Gonzalez

St. Paul of the Apostle is a popular church that many students of Ayala celebrate Good Friday at.

Ian Gonzalez

Good Friday is a holiday where people celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This is the beginning of the holiday known as Easter. The day celebrates the process of Jesus dying and being resurrected on the third day which have become known as Easter Sunday. The day of Good Friday varies by religion and countries. There is an argument on what specific day that the crucifixion actually occurred on. 

This year, there is no school on Good Friday. So that means many students will be able to celebrate this year. There are many different ways people observe the holiday. Most people will either attend a church service or fast. Other ways that people might celebrate Good Friday is by watching a play that goes through all of the stages of the crucifixion.

Senior Kayla Stubblefield demonstrates her faith every year. “This day is important because it is the day that Jesus would die for our sins,” said Stubblefield. “My family and I usually go to church service and we don’t eat meat that day.”

Good Friday has a different meaning for every family. So while our school has this day off, many might think that it is because of the holiday. In reality, it is not.

“We have Friday off because a lot of families tend to leave early for Easter. So the school does not want to lose money with a lot of students absent,” English teacher Mrs. Sandra Kammer said.

Some students have an opinion on whether or not we should always get Good Friday off. “I’m not necessarily sure about that because of the law dividing church and state. It is very controversial. Christians like myself, we do celebrate Good Friday, but people who are Atheist or Agnostic or believe in other religions might not see the importance in this,” freshmen Stephanie Lin said.

Many people who celebrate get excited about what is to come. People of different religions might have been participating in a practice called Lent. This is when they choose to give up something until Easter Day. 

“This year I decided to give up procrastination. I know this is different from what other people choose, but I did not want to be basic and just choose a different type of food,” said senior Martin Sanchez. What Sanchez is referring to is that many individuals tend to choose unhealthy foods like chocolate and soda to give up for Lent.

A lot do not know the significance of practicing Lent. “I am pretty sure it is supposed to represent the days that Jesus spent fasting in the desert,” said Sanchez. 

While many may see today as just a Friday off, it holds great values for the many students at Ayala. As this celebration excites the church community, Good Friday highlights the season of crucifixion and resurrection.