Senior Rally: promposals, sick dance moves, and guitars rock the stands

Ian Gonzalez

Time goes by fast. With only a month left in the school year, the last rally of the year was held on April 29th. Meaning that this was the last rally for the Class of 2022. Usually rally days are regarded as a day that students can be celebrated for their academic accomplishments and sport accomplishments, but this last rally was considered the Senior Rally. 

A last send-off for the seniors. The last Bulldog chant, the last class competition, and the last chance for our seniors to be recognized for their achievements. This rally was eventful with different performances and even a promposal to top it off.

Senior David Gorsage spilled his heart out on the field as he sang a rendition of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons hit song, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.”

“I chose ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ because it was the same song that Heath Ledger’s character sings in his promposal in Ten Things I Hate About You, and I also think it fits my voice,” said Gorsage. “This idea has been brewing for a while, since in my freshman year Sydney sent in a group chat that I was in a video of the promposal from Ten Things I Hate About You. And that’s kind of been a part of my subconscious for a while.”

“I really wanted to do it for the last senior rally because I wanted to do something that would make Sydney feel really special, and also something that people would remember,” Gorsage said.

This year, a new performer willingly took to the field for the first time. Junior Gabriel Senoren was able to show the school his jaw dropping musical talents.

“I wanted to perform and show off my talent to most of my friends in school,” said Senoren. “It means a lot because you know my talent is rare because playing guitar in front of the school takes a lot of courage as well. I wanted to show the whole school that old music still rocks to this day.” His performance would end with a round of applause from the crowd.

It has become a tradition for Senior Lyle Tiu to perform at the rally. Sadly, this would be his last performance. 

“Performing at rallies was a great way for me to build confidence, as well as have fun and show a talent I don’t usually use,” said Tiu. Performing always had a deeper meaning to Tiu than just the attention. “Performing is a way for me to create art or style in the moment, and I love the energy it brings when I feel the rush of music flow through.”

Tiu’s last performance was surely a show stopper. “I wanted to end my time performing at rallies on a big note, so being able to go for a style I’m not as comfortable with really made me give my all, so overall it was everything I could’ve asked for.”

What a way to end on a high note for the the last rally of the year. With many different performances including one from Polynesian Club, this was the perfect way to send seniors off on their next adventure.