Staff of BDT: Sayee Deshmukh

David Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Ever gone onto the Bulldog Times and scrolled through the countless amount of articles? Ranging from features to current news happening around campus, there is always something to be read from the publication. If you have seen the articles relating to arts and entertainment, then you might know of Sayee Deshmukh (11) who is the editor of the department. Deshmukh, throughout her life has found that there have been multiple experiences that have shaped her into the person that she has become today.

The traits she values and displays are so much so related to journalism, to the point where the connection has always seemed to be there. She puts an emphasis on storytelling being one of the things that she is passionate about and ties it into journalism in a way of explaining in detail events and people around on campus. From stories in books to stories in TV shows, she feels that storytelling is such an extraordinary thing for people to take into consideration and affect the world around us.

“I’m a really big fan of movies, books, and TV shows which is why I chose to be the arts entertainment editor.  Storytelling is such a powerful tool that people can use and I feel like a good storyteller is able to do so much [for the world],” Deshmukh said.

In addition to her passion for storytelling, Deshmukh considers inspiring other people to be one of the things that she tries to live for. She believes that through inspiring others, it is a remarkable thing that can help people do and accomplish great things.

“If there is a chance that you could inspire people or inspire one person. And if I can inspire one person to do anything, then that’s a really great thing to live for.” 

Deshmukh has also experienced difficulties in her life. Along with everyone getting used to distance learning, Deshmukh also had tremendous difficulty in adjusting to the new format of learning. One in particular that stands out to her was her AP Human Geography class, where she felt that she had to persevere in the class due to having difficulty in it. Through her perseverance, she was able to eventually overcome this obstacle for her and eventually succeed in it. This idea of preserving is also what she considers success to be in her eyes.

“I took AP Human Geography freshman year, we were all online and that class for me was really difficult,” Deshmukh said. “So I really had to persevere and really had to study hard for the AP exam. I only got a three [on the AP test], but I’m really happy that I got a three because that just meant that I was able to pass even though I struggled so much in the class.”

It’s apparent that Deshmukh is a fantastic writer and acts empathetic towards others as well as being a great listener, as she’s always finding herself to be there for others. All in all, she seeks happiness from not only herself, but also her friends and family, continuing to strive to be the best person she can be.