Riley Ferreira: Balancing a Volleyball and a Scoop of Ice Cream


Jacob Harper

Riley Ferreira (10) is dedicated member of our varsity girls volleyball team.

Jacob Harper, Staff Writer

Riley Ferreira is already on the girls varsity volleyball team and this is only her second year of playing volleyball. Two years ago after she had quit playing softball, after feeling that she wasn’t very good at the sport, she had found interest in volleyball; when she was stuck inside all day due to quarantine and was eager to go outside to do pretty much anything that involved going outside.

That’s when Ferreira’s mom brought up the idea that considering how tall Riley is, she should consider joining the girls volleyball team when she gets to high school. So that’s exactly what she decided to do, and she made the team. After joining, her mom made sure that she would always be there to support her whenever she needed it, by taking her to all of her games and practices, never doubting her daughter and always being a role model and inspiring her.

The following school year she succeeded in making the girls varsity volleyball team and is now one of the only two sophomores on the team, and this fact makes her feel very proud of herself. She also really enjoys playing volleyball, she loves the coaches and her favorite part about volleyball are the friends and the experiences that she has made while being on the team. Ferreira plans on playing volleyball for not only the rest of high school, but she is also planning on joining a college team in the future.

“I want to play for the rest of high school, and I want to play when I get to college, especially because my Uncle had done sports in college and he had told me that’s what is going to make your college years the best.” Ferreira had stated. Riley isn’t in any clubs, however after school sometimes, she goes to an outside volleyball club, where she practices with other girls playing and trying to get better at the game.

The other times after school, Ferreira goes to her job where she is working at the Cold Stones Creamery, an ice cream shop in Chino Hills. She thoroughly enjoys working at Cold Stones, even when some customers want to decide to come in and get ice cream right before the store is going to close for the day, and she still loves working with her co-workers who make her job all the more enjoyable.

During Ferreira’s free time she spends it on learning more on how to cook. Ever since she was little she used to help her mom bake cookies for her family. She learned how to use the oven all on her own since the first grade and now she cooks whatever she wants to for her and her family to enjoy.

After Ferreira is done making desserts and spending time with her family, she goes to bed and gets ready for the next day of school, for whatever will happen tomorrow. Either practicing volleyball with her friends, going to work and making people ice cream, or just going home to bake and hang out with her brothers.