Rescheduled Club Rush dates encourage students to get involved at Ayala


Kaitlyn Luu

Members of the American Red Cross Club accumulate service hours through charities and other events. It is a great way to help other people and the community.

Kaitlyn Luu

Club Rush was originally scheduled to take place several weeks ago, but got canceled because of a heat wave. The dates subsequently got postponed to October 19-20 where a ton of clubs both old and new set up booths all over campus to get other students to join. 

There are certain things that students look for in a club that stand out to them or spark their interest. One of those things is volunteering or community service so they can put it on their college resume.

Joining a club that revolves around a passion or hobby is a great way people can connect with like minded peers and make new friends through that common ground. The teachers who advise some of these clubs also encourage students to be a part of them as a way to provide resources that could aid them in that specific skill or activity.

“I’ve joined a club called Vex Robotics Club. I’m joining because my teacher Mr. Douglas recommended me and it seems pretty cool,” junior Nicholas Prieto said.

The appeal does not stop there as clubs also offer an opportunity to explore your interests and see what you might want to pursue as a career. They can help you figure out what your vocation may be by directing you towards the path you wish to take later in life.

“For one, I just think it’d be fun. Two, I guess I’ll try to maybe find what I want to do in the future,” freshman Dodie Wong said.

The main purpose of these clubs is to create unity and get others involved with the school more. Not only does it make school a lot more enjoyable to have these outlets, but it can also make a positive impact on the student body as a whole.

“I want people to join our club to form a community and to help the community as well,” senior and President of the American Red Cross Club Samantha Sudjarwadi said. 

All in all, clubs are a great way to meet new people and put yourself out there a little or even break out of your shell. There are a multitude of benefits and with the number of clubs that Ayala offers, and something will definitely suit you and your tastes. Everyone should have a space where they feel included and have people who think, look, or act like them, and ultimately that is what clubs are all about.