A glimpse into the past: Juniors and seniors reflect on underclassmen experiences


Kimberly Flores

Fourth period in Mr. Cedergreen’s senior class consists of hardworking students in their daily routine. All these seniors have lived the highschool experience and have reflected on their ups and downs of their high school years.

Kim Flores, Staff Reporter, Historian

Time is flying by, the class of 2023 will soon be graduating, and nerves and excitement build up day by day. There have been many learning experiences as juniors and seniors in the four years of high school. Some people are ready to move on and take big steps, but not many are ready for that. Teachers and parents have been a big support system for many of their students. Due to Covid, there were many who struggled more than others with the online courses and others thought it was effective. 

¨It affected my grades because learning over quarantine wasn’t easy. So my GPA dropped a lot,” Tye Gatewood (12) said. 

Other students slowly progressed through online learning and eventually got the hang of it. 

¨I had to figure my way out online. It was a little bit challenging once you got the hang of it. It was very easy,¨ Levi Staggers (11) said. ¨I  became very independent, it really boosted my work ethic and I think it was effective.¨ 

Although there are independent students, there are always others there to support you. One piece of advice from a source can be an everlasting thought that’s engraved in your mind. Teachers have always played a big role in their students’ lives. Teachers always want the best for their students, helping guide them and shifting them into high school. As teachers who went through a similar experience as their students, they want to push them to pursue their goals.  Some advice from Mr. Swanberg is to¨find something that you enjoy doing. I want guys to be a shepherd, even if you’re only people you’re not sheep.” 

In other words, you always want to be your own boss, don’t be a follower like the rest. 

There are many steps to life and memories to be made through the way. Learning from past mistakes are always the best learning experiences. Education isn’t all there is to school, it’s also having a good time and making new connections. Join fun clubs and interact with peers, some of those friendships are the most meaningful and long lasting ones.

“There are going to be multiple people out there that love you but just the way you are,” said Mr. Swanberg. 

Do your best to expand your horizons, get out of your safe space. Take risks, it can be the best decision you will ever make.  Friends who really care about you will be there by your side, don’t rely on others. At the end of the day if you depend on yourself, you’ll be able to do anything with or without the support of others. Before you know it itll be time to graduate and move onto the next chapter. 

Graduating is a big step in transitioning to becoming an  adult, ¨it’s cool, but it’s scary. Like it’s cool because we’re out of high school, but like, you don’t really know what you’re gonna do,” said senior Christian Guagian. 

As students both Tye and Chritian advise underclassmen to take their studies seriously. From experience they underestimated how important it is to pay attention in class. Now it’s taken a toll on them, but they are pushing themselves till the end. Remember you aren’t alone, all your teachers want what’s best for you and your future. 

¨Know yourself¨ Said Mr. Swanberg.