Speaker of the U.S. House wins, but not without controversy 


Madeline Khoo

McCarthy has officially been elected as the new Speaker of the House after a four day hearing.

Dallas Mangold

Last week, California Republican Kevin McCarthy painstakingly won his spot as Speaker of the U.S. House after 15 repeated votes. Many parties switched their supported candidates, ties were drawn, and even not enough votes kept McCarthy from succeeding ex-speaker Nancy Pelosi as America’s new Speaker. After four days of voting, and lots of debate between Congress officials, McCarthy was officially sworn in the day later. Not even two days after officially winning, another controversy arose regarding GOP congressman George Santos. 

McCarthy, a Bakersfield native, served as a Californian Representative since 2007, and made the push for Speaker of the House following the midterm votes last November. Going in under the GOP party, all favor seemed to be towards McCarthy. Day 1 of voting saw a huge shift, with fellow GOP congressmen voting against McCarthy. This would be common throughout the many voting processes, with Republicans and Democrats alike bouncing from candidate to candidate, even having Donald Trump’s name being tossed into the mix.

The reason for such a big change was that of policies. McCarthy’s policies and promises as Speaker made the GOP weary, hence many changed their decisions, but after promising his original policies, the GOP once again gained confidence in him. After much bickering and altercations, McCarthy out beat his Democrat opponent, Hakeem Jeffries. All new members of the 118th Congress could officially be sworn into office and now take their newly elected spots.

After everything seemed finished and done, a whole new news story broke out. New York Republican George Santos, a newly elected congressman and fellow GOP follower of McCarthy’s, was caught lying about his background. Santos lied about his family being holocaust victims and that a relative died in 9/11, which caused huge altercations regarding his true legitimacy. His reputation was shot that day as well, with many GOP congressmen, like him, calling for his resignation, whilst McCarthy has stated that he sides with Santos. Many have now put into question whether or not he will keep his promises or deliver on any actions. Santos currently holds strong on his decision to stay until he hears many demands to step away. 

So far we are only 17 days into 2023, and there are already political disputes. America is in a vulnerable state at the moment, with gas prices, inflation, and unneeded foreign affairs. But what hurts us the most is the bickering within our government. Things like McCarthy’s voting and Santos’ fraudulent background can cause much uproar not just in Congress, not just in McCarthy’s personal image, but across the United States and its with citizens. This was the beginning of 2023 politics, there is no telling what government storm will happen.