County Judge walks the plank

Ibrahim Saxe

A local judge has been embroiled in controversy. Cara Hutson, a local judge for San Bernardino County, is facing backlash in recent weeks due to her setting of bail amounts. For example, William Shae McKay was found guilty of multiple counts including receiving stolen property, evading a police officer, and false imprisonment. The San Bernardino attorney’s office demanded no bail option for McKay. Bail had been set at 950,000 dollars by default; however, Judge Hutson reduced this amount to half a million dollars allowing McKay to be set free. He later went on to kill Deputy Isaiah Cordero of Riverside County Sheriff’s Department the Chino Champion reported.

The City of Chino has sent a letter to Judge R. Glenn Yabuno, the head judge in San Bernardino County, demanding Judge Hutson’s resignation or impeachment. The letter claims that if Judge Huston understood McKay was convicted, it would be his third strike that would have him face a sentence of 25 years and up to life in prison due to California’s three strikes law. The law is in place if someone gets convicted of three felonies.

Many have protested the judges decision, most notably one of the authors of the letter, Mayor Eunice Ulloa of Chino. People have made a petition in support of the letter, which has already received over 11,000 signatures from National Police.