Five reasons why YOU should join the Bulldog Times


Madeline Khoo

Apply to the Bulldog Times now! The link to the application form is found at the end of the article.

Olivia Mendoza

As the Bulldog Times opens their application for the upcoming school year, you might be on the fence about enrolling for this class. Today I’m here to tell you why I love journalism, and what I have taken away from this program after my three years within the publication. Hopefully by the time you finish reading this, you will be running to your counselor’s office to request to be switched into this class!

1. You can make a real difference on campus 

When I first started with the program during sophomore year, I really had no idea what to expect. With the numerous hurdles that everyone had to overcome during our COVID year, I made it my mission that when I returned to the classroom my junior year, I would find and highlight voices on campus that weren’t always heard, but always had something to say. Working with the Bulldog Times has given me the opportunity to showcase both the success and failures that the Ayala campus deals with on a daily basis to create a more proactive student body. Joining the program is one of the best ways to reach out to administrators and faculty on campus in order to promote a more positive school environment that backs the wants and needs of students today. 

2. Welcoming and supportive learning environment

The class itself is unlike anything else you will ever experience at Ayala. If you have a crazy idea, it can easily become a reality with the guidance of Ms. Tse and the support of the editors and staff by your side. Staff members really have the opportunity to bond with one another as the year progresses and they begin to create work that tailors to their own personality. Every year, students have the opportunity to choose what department they want to work in, whether it be news, features, sports, arts and entertainment, or social media to produce content with their small group. Everyone in this class is continually rooting for you. The only competition is with yourself, and the standards you set for yourself are always rising as the year goes on. 

3. Journalism is anything but boring

Aren’t you tired of sitting in class listening to your teacher drone on about notes? Journalism is the perfect class that breaks up your day with just the right amount of fun and purpose. Even if you aren’t completely sold on the whole writing spiel, there is still an opportunity for you to grow in the program. Interested in podcasts, social media, website design, or photography? We are always searching for students that want to take on a bigger role in these fields as you will have the opportunity to learn more about these skills, while simultaneously growing your writing portfolio. At the end of every month, the staff has a potluck to celebrate the completion of a cycle, which is an opportunity for the class to reset before carrying out the rest of their tasks for the semester. 

4. Learn life skills that apply to you outside of the classroom

Working with the Bulldog Times will leave you feeling more confident in your public speaking, interviewing, researching, and communicative skills. From day one, the staff learns to adapt to situations and find solutions to problems that anyone would face in the workforce today. You will quickly learn how to manage your time over a long period of time, while consistently being pushed outside of your comfort zone to widen your span of writing abilities. Reaching out to a larger scale of the student body and being able to articulate the voice of Bulldogs is not something that you can take lightly. In journalism, you will gain a new sense of respect, responsibility, and confidence as you exit the doors at the end of the year. 

5. Journalism looks good on your college resume 

Don’t lie to yourself. Everyone is looking for the perfect edge to add to their college resume that will make them stick out from the rest of the very competitive pool of students at their dream school. Becoming a staff member is one of the best and easiest ways to do just that. Admission officers love students that have the ability to articulate their ideas, while also reaching out to members of their community to report on relevant student news. If you decide to continue to work within the journalism class, taking on an editor position is another great form of leadership that holds more significance than just a basic president role for a random club on campus. Taking the first step to elevate your education is something every college will love! 

Journalism is exactly what you are missing if you are interested in learning more about the student body and want to expand your writing skills. Make a difference and have your voice be heard! Apply now with this form!