Vaccination centers available near you


Shriya Bikumalla

A vaccination. The most sought after product of today. Fifty percent of California is vaccinated, and there is so much more progress that needs to be made.  

One of the main reasons vaccinations aren’t happening as rapidly as they should be is due to the lack of vaccination centers, or just because people don’t know where these centers are. 

However, many vaccinated individuals in Chino Hills have shared locations to get their vaccines, for example, sophomore Shivani Gangireddy said, ”I’m pretty sure I got my vaccine at CVS… the complex that has the Costco in it.” 

This seems to be the hot spot of vaccinations as parent and software engineer Ram Bikumalla replies, “I got my vaccine at CVS, I think most of our community has gotten it there.” When asked about the cleanliness of the center he explained further saying, “The area where I got my vaccine was clean and they kept wiping the chair down with disinfectant wipes.” This is a beneficial safety measure so the vaccination center itself does not spread COVID-19. 

When asking a software QA engineer who works for IEHP, a healthcare company, Chaitanya Kantayapalam said, “Some locations you could try are pharmacies and some grocery stores.”

Getting your vaccination is important. In order to return back to the standards of life before COVID, getting vaccinated and following the six feet social distance order will keep the community of Chino Hills safe.