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Mateo Cole

New technology means many different things, but for some people, it means the advancement in video game technology, new and bolder games that many had only dreamed of playing.

This October there have been a massive number of new or remastered games that many have been waiting for. But some love the game mechanics from older games or the incredible stories told through older works. But some people don’t have the hardware to run such older games.

“Both. But modern games if I had to choose. Better graphics and smoother run times are always nice,” Esau Garcia says when asked which generation of games he prefers.

With modern technology, Esau is now able to enjoy the nostalgia of older games with the capabilities of modern systems. Some of those long running series releases include FIFA 2022, Alan Wake Remastered, Call of Duty Vanguard, and Far Cry 6. FIFA 2022 released October 1st, Alan Wake Remastered October 5th, Far Cry 6 October 7th, and Call of Duty Vanguard will release November 5th. All of these games have been reviewed fairly well, best of them all being Alan Wake Remastered. However this is not a game for children as it is rated T for teens, having elements of blood, foul language, alcohol and tobacco, and violence that would be inappropriate for younger children. But like most games, it is loved by many. 

“Video games are a huge hobby of mine so I spend most of my time playing them. Video games help me relax on days I wasn’t feeling 100%. they’re something I feel like I can be vulnerable around,” Ayala senior Brandon Puentes says. 

Other games that are good games to relax to, also coming or have already come out would be Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and Back 4 Blood. All-Star Brawl is a fighting game in a similar style to Super Smash Brothers starring fan favorite characters, and is very much a child friendly game to sit down and turn on for your little brother or sister. The other is completely opposite in tone, Back 4 Blood, a first person zombie shooter with an online multiplayer. This game has also received good reviews and would be great fun for a group of friends, however the age rating is M for mature. But sometimes people want the single player experience. 

“Lately I’ve played a lot of really calming, sometimes, single-player games like Zelda BOTW, Hollow Knight, and Ori. But when I do play multiplayer, it’s usually something less competitive like Minecraft or Monster Hunter,” Ayala senior David Gorsage. 

Crysis Remastered Trilogy and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will scratch that single player itch for many. Both grant the player the super powered experience some are looking for, the Crysis Remastered Trilogy is a beloved set of older games that bring the first person shooter experience. The new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, releasing October 26, brings the third person shooter experience, commanding the whole team. All of these games are released on consoles, which seems to be the favorite of many of these interviews. 

“I prefer to play on Xbox One really just because I’ve grown up with it and I’m used to it. I don’t give in to the whole console war thing, but I especially like the Xbox because the controller fits my hands nicely and a lot of my friends play on Xbox,” Gorsage says.