Welcoming the newest Executive Board


Roni Minogue

2022-2023 Executive Board from left to right: Gabby Torres, Chloe Kubeldis, Daniel Choi, Francheska Fernando, Andrew Han, and Alex Perez.

Olivia Mendoza

As campaign week officially ended last Monday, the results for the 2022-2023 Executive Board were determined by the student body. Fifteen candidates throughout all grade levels ran in hopes of serving those on campus, even though there were only six positions available. The new E-Board includes junior Gabby Torres for President, junior Alex Perez for Vice President, sophomore Francheska Fernando as Secretary, sophomore Andrew Han for Finance Director, sophomore Chloe Kubeldis for UCC Chairperson, and sophomore Daniel Choi for Speaker of the House.

Students were expected to vote digitally last week during their fourth period class after having the opportunity to learn more about each of the candidates. Whether that be with posters, digital advertisements, or TikToks, each nominee worked for weeks before the actual election to ensure that they could get their name out there. 

“I knew that it was going to be hard for my message to be heard by every student at the school which is why I focused most of my attention to social media,” Vice President Perez said. “Everyone at our school has Instagram or Snapchat.” 

While the need to outreach to the school digitally was an effective method, others decided to physically make connections with individuals on campus. 

“I know our school is divided into multiple groups whether it be band or athletic groups,” Speaker of the House Choi said. “It’s connections but also talking to people in general, [I’m] the voice for them.” 

With the Board set for the following year, students expect changes to be made on campus. Following through with their intended plans as stated in their campaign is absolutely necessary. While there still is time before their decisions affect Ayala, it is never too early to start coming up with ideas to make the school a better place, especially after coming out of last year’s global pandemic. 

“I know a lot of people don’t listen to K-9 News, but if we could expand that on social media and other platforms [that would] jumpstart spirit after COVID-19,” Choi said. “My main goal is to connect all the student groups here so we can create a better school in general.” 

This goal cannot be met single handedly. Even with the help of all other Board members, the entire USB program must work together to create a newer sense of community on campus. 

“I think that everyone had a really great campaign so it must have been hard for the [student body] to vote,” candidate Soraya Corydon said. “Even though I didn’t win, I am still going to continue to be a leader and probably apply for a commission to do something else for the school.” 

The election winners will collaborate with one another in hopes of promoting more involvement on campus. Whether that be with planning for more participation at sporting events or becoming actively engaged in certain clubs, the ability to make a difference only starts with the work of the Board but must be followed through with the students. 

“Promoting these events can really bring a greater sense of unity throughout Ayala,” Perez said.