Career Fair: Why applying for a job will help high school students

Shriya Bikumalla

On Friday, January 14th, a career fair, held at the Chino Hills Community Center across the street, provided many job opportunities for people of all ages. Representatives from big companies like Citizens Business Bank, as well as local businesses like Students Hires and Luv 2 Play, set up booths looking for new talent.

Many of these representatives confirm that applying for a job with them will look great on college applications. “Not only will you be working with a reputed insurance company, but taking up this job will make you look really good for colleges,” said Nikki Kardar, a Farmer’s Insurance representative.

Kardar said this is a double win as the job prepares you with valuable social skills as well as jobs in the future. The job experience would prepare individuals for future opportunities and reduce the stress of the “first main interview.” Planning ahead works because picturing one’s goals and future aspirations can help young jobseekers become more focused and motivated. 

Another business representative, Manuel Zavala, shared that high school is the peak time to create something to “show future colleges and businesses what you are made of.” 

Zavala encourages people to find what they are passionate about and figure out what they can do to show future employers and universities that they are different and have unique ideas. He suggested that if someone takes the computer science pathway, they should create a website or something useful in order to show off their skills and be unique in the eyes of recruiters.

For freshman Rohit Marem, this career fair was a great opportunity to hear experiences including “talking to businessmen and women and learning their struggles on the pathway to success.”

This mindset emphasizes to students and those looking for job opportunities that people will face obstacles along the way and nothing is received easily. As individuals at the career fair share tough situations they’ve been through, they are able to show others the reality of life and does not create false expectations.

This career fair was open to all ages as they provided information to further teenage career paths and provide opportunities for adults. This event was an opportunity for everyone of age to establish professional relationships and to discuss career and internship opportunities. Not only was this fair an event of finding career opportunities, it was also an area to share life experiences that have happened which have hindered the pathway to their success.