Students need a much deserved Spring Break but schoolwork piles up

Shriya Bikumalla

Spring Break. Just hearing the word brings visions of past vacations, relaxation, and ultimately a getaway from everything related to school. Many people indulge in the DOs and DON’Ts of the week, causing Spring Break to be well known as the “week of ruckus.”

Yet, some people tend to be academically productive by studying for AP tests and finishing projects that are due the first day back at school.

Students are being assigned homework over the break, and before thinking that this is a preposterous idea, is it actually beneficial? Assigning work over the break makes sure that students will not forget the material they have been studying and will assure that they are using their time wisely.

However, it is Spring Break after all, so why is homework being assigned, when it is the time for pure relaxation? 

Many students just need “a break sometimes,” junior Mia Torres said.

Many students just need, “a break sometimes,” junior Mia Torres said. 

She has multiple projects due the Monday back from school and while she understands the purpose of that is to remember the information at hand, thinking about schoolwork during Spring Break is not ideal and is leaving her antsy.

Spring Break plans always consist of fun, relaxing activities, or even studying for tests and keeping up with assignments. Many people start self-care routines or even work to better themselves, which can be rejuvenating to the mind and body. 

Sophomore Frances Hu plans to “adjust [his] sleeping schedule, sleep earlier, and finish all work before taking a nap.”

While plans may vary among different people the idea is all the same, students need a break. Many students are sharing their experiences of being overworked until late hours of the night and being extremely tired to continue the workload again in the morning.  

“[I do] homework until 11 pm and even up till the early mornings,” junior Katherine Luo said. 

Without enough rest, students have trouble focusing in class which ultimately results in the downfall of their grades. Sleep deprivation can also result in emotional and behavioral issues that potentially hinder academic achievement.

Do not fear, Spring Break will soon be here! It is a time to relax and will help to relieve the educational stress you may be feeling. Using Spring Break as a time to do exactly what you want to do will help you feel motivated and organized with a great peace of mind.