Prom in a parking lot?

Ian Gonzalez

A huge controversy over the location of this year’s prom was stirred when it was announced April 12th. One of the biggest complaints was that the proposed prom visual looks more like a carnival than just a traditional prom. A video was released on the school news Instagram page (@ayalabulldognews) previewing all of the different rides and activities that would be available at prom. This video had immediate backlash. The comment section on the video would begin to get overrun by so many negative comments that the comments section was eventually turned off. 

The location and design of prom was a major concern to many seniors, so a petition was formed to change the location. The petition got an estimated 500 signatures. This seemed to have been the cause of the location change; five days after the petition was formed, it was announced that the location of prom would be moving from the Green River Country Club to the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts.

Senior Jewel Castro had many complaints when it came to the original location. “I don’t get why they thought it was a good idea to have a carnival in prom. Everyone will be dressed in their nicest clothes while playing carnival games.” 

Many just wanted a normal traditional prom but were shocked when the preview video of prom was released. “I couldn’t believe it. How do you mess up prom that bad? It’s simple, just have good music, a venue, and food. There is no need for all of this extra stuff,” said Castro. 

Even with all of the negativity, there were some that were indifferent about the specific location of prom.

“Honestly, I don’t care where prom is. I am going either way. And I don’t care that there are rides and games,” senior Armaan McLeod said. “Honestly I think people are overreacting a little bit. People are going to have a good time either way. I get the criticism though,” said McLeod.

As for the new venue at Cerritos, “there will be no rides at the new location since it can not fit in the parking lot. But there will be some other activities that will be available at the new location,” Activities Director Mrs. Alexis Sjol said.

Some began to get used to the idea of different games and rides at prom. “I can not lie, I was mad when I first saw the video, but after a couple of days I got used to the idea of being able to play some games with my friends. But they changed it,” senior Vlada Kuvshinova said. 

Even the new location comes complaints. Whether it be the farther location or that the activities might be limited at the new venue, people always have something to say. 

“I’m cool with them changing it, but I wish that it was a little closer to the original spot than where it is. But I have to give credit to the school for actually listening to the students,” senior Camille Reyes said. 

The new venue will have indoor and outdoor access and will be more of a traditional prom compared to the unique concept that the school was originally planning to do. The overall feedback of the change has been positive.