David Saravia: Former Husky becomes a starter on Ayala Varsity Football team


David (12) and his teammates celebrate on the field

Trina Lizama, Staff Writer

As the crowd roars in excitement, number 96 takes his place on the D line, ready for the next play. 

David Saravia is a starting senior for Ayala Varsity Football. He was initially at Chino Hills High School then transferred to Ayala his sophomore year. David found his love for football because of his dad. He switched around positions and fell into his current position as a defensive tackle/defensive end. 

When Saravia first transferred to Ayala, he was initially on JV. He got brought up due to his talent on the field. 

“I transferred to Ayala my sophomore year and played a couple of games on JV,” Saravia said. “The coach saw my potential, so it gave me a spot on varsity.” 

With being a starter on varsity his junior year, having that balance of schoolwork is a struggle to maintain. For David, he really focuses on his time management and keeping his grades up.

“Time management [is important],” Saravia said. “Just doing my homework in the morning and [staying up] after practice to finish. Say after practice, you got a test [the next day] and you have to stay up to study. Sometimes I’ve not been waking up on time for school.”

David found his love for football because of his dad, who is also his biggest supporter. He was able to get to where he is today due to how much his dad pushed and trained him. 

“He played in high school and college,” Savarvia said. “I’ve always wanted to play for my dad. He helped train me by working out and encouraging me.” 

David has made many new friends but also stuck to his group of friends he’s known since elementary school. Going through almost all four years of high school with them, his 3 friends he was close with moved schools their senior year.

“It’s weird to experience because I grew up with them,” Saravia said. “There’s like this empty space during our senior year, like ‘Oh snap, I don’t have them here.’”

One of his friends that had transferred, Ian Yzabal, has played and trained with David since their freshmen year. Ian gives his insight on how he has seen David become a better player, on and off the field.

“Throughout the years he’s just gotten even faster and stronger,” Yzabal said. “His character is built on leadership and will always push those around him to work and be better as not only an athlete but as a person in general.”

As David goes through his senior year, his plans for college seem simple. He has two ideas in mind and one will get him a good future. 

“Hoping I can play in college,” Saravia said. “If not, I’ll go to school to get my real estate license.” 

Saravia said, “I just keep on telling myself to get better and better because hard work pays off. I’m excited yet nervous to see what the future holds for me.”