Enchanted garden themed prom excites students for end of year festivities


Elaine Kuang

Students get excited in anticipation as the announcement of an enchanted garden is the theme of 2023 prom.

Elaine Kuang

Excitement and anticipation filled the air as the United Study Body (USB) announced the prom theme for this year. After the official voting form on Instagram, which began on February 6th, talks and discussions on this year’s prom theme was the number one topic amongst the upperclassmen. 

Shortly, the theme was revealed on February 10th, where it was chosen by popular vote among the three themes: Sweet Dreams, Enchanted Garden, and City of Stars. The news quickly spread as students saw the reveal; the prom theme for 2023 was to be Enchanted Garden. 

“I was really happy, because beforehand, I had kind of thought about what color dress I wanted. So when I voted for the theme, I kept that in mind. I was really happy [it got chosen],” senior Jirhe Guemez said.  

6 days later the official prom theme color palette was also released on Instagram. The colors were announced to be sage green, pink, gold, and white to match the forest, garden-like theme. To many people’s favor, these were just the colors they expected an enchanted garden to have. 

“I think it was cute, it matched with what I had in mind. I was going to do a green dress,” senior Aleesha Diaz said.

As of now, most talks about the prom have been positive, but many are curious to find out if this year’s prom will be able to top last year’s.

“The theme sounds elegant, [and] I’m excited, but [I would like] to see how the school will reproduce that,” junior Sean Arce said.

Despite the excitement and positive feedback, there are still a great deal of students that remain doubtful with prom coordination after complaints with previous events.

“I hope it’s better than homecoming. Hopefully I don’t have to wait in line for two hours again. I’m just worried about the [line] and entrances,” Diaz said.

Momentarily, another concern raised onto the surface: location. After last year’s prom parking lot scare, students wait in anticipation to find out whether the location this year will be good enough. Many imagine the prom to be held somewhere outdoors, or in an actual garden where there will be lots of greenery. 

“I hope they rent out a venue that has a good atmosphere [to match with] the theme. I imagine it to be outdoors, like a beautiful backyard,” senior Susanna Wu said. “I expect it to [look] close to the [reference] pictures.”

Reference pictures were included on the voting forms to give students an idea on what the theme will look like, but it seems that now students have a higher expectation for the scenery and decorations due to these charming pictures. 

Will this year’s prom be like what the students expect? Let us all stay tuned for more reveals on Enchanted Garden!