Preparing for college


Abria Turner

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many universities in California to change their admissions process. Resources are now available for juniors and seniors on campus, but many do not know where to find them.
Students can go to the career center or their guidance counselor to find more information about their college aspirations and future job opportunities.

With the library being closed, the career center has moved to room H119. Career Center technician Ms. Sylvia Casillas believes that her students are her customers.

“I create posters and bulletin boards,” Casillas said. “And I list things, for example, that we have a computer lab, you can print, we have Community College assistance, the work applications, college research, trade school information, and our ROP information.”

Ms. Casillas gathers information for students so that when they come in, she can assist them. Counselors are also available in the administration building for students to ask questions and receive any available resources.

“We aren’t fully prepared on every single job, every single major, every single college out there, but we can definitely help you look for that,” guidance counselor Alexandria Sandel said.
Both Ms. Casillas and the counselors have connections with people and resources that students may want to know.

The college fair will be happening in the near future and students will be able to look at different schools and receive information about what they have to offer, including details about grants and funding.

“There is money to be had out there,” Casillas said. “It’s just that our students and the parents, and I speak as a parent, we don’t know about it.”

In her office, as well as online, scholarship information that students can use are available. If students come in with the general information, she will help with the scholarship process while they are there.

“My experience with having to find these places that give out these resources, I was actually very lucky in my opinion,” senior Lindsy Moo said. “Cause a lot of my peers don’t know where they are.”

Some seniors do not know where to find scholarship information or how to start the college application process. If students went to the career center, they could receive the information they needed.

“Remember that college is very important,” Moo said. “I spent most of my years like oh, college is such a long process from now, I don’t have to worry about anything. But now I’m just a little panicked, honestly.”

Dance Teacher Christina Hofstetter brought her students into the career center for a tour. Students were able to receive information about what Ms. Casillas has to offer. Though Ms. Casillas felt like she did not give enough information, it was still beneficial to her and the students.

“From that visit, I’ve had people say ‘I was in Mrs. Hofstetter’s class and you said I could print,’” Casillas said. “I sent her [Hofstetter] an email, actually, telling her how pleased I was and ‘thank you for visiting me,’ because I’ve had some kids come in. And like you said, it’s bringing awareness.”