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Bulldogs of Ayala: Tarin Ladhawala

Tarin Ladhawala: Dancing with devotion
Neil Rickman
Ladhawala poses for her freshman Ayala Dance Production (ADP) dance pictures. With her commitment to dance and her other numerous extracurriculars, she is always busy enjoying her hobbies and serving her community. “Dance is my passion, as well as helping others in any way, shape or form such as volunteering in the community, or tutoring someone in academics, or teaching a sport,” Ladhawala said.

When the lunch bell rings, it’s a flurry of activity, with Tarin Ladhawala’s (9) numerous activities beginning. Just when you think she gets a break, her after school clubs begin, followed by hours of dance and studying. With a schedule so intense, one can only wonder how she gets it all done. Time is something that Ladhawala uses to the best of her ability; she prioritizes her education while also juggling her numerous extracurricular activities, as well as serving her community.

From early junior high to entering high school, Ladhawala has had an atmosphere of tenacity and perseverance, often juggling many extracurriculars while still managing to stay on top of her school work. Those around her are inspired by her drive to be her best self, which encourages her peers to be the best version of themselves.

“She came to me as a beginning eighth grader, eager to learn and gain more knowledge and skills,” former Canyon Hills Junior High School (CHJHS) teacher Mrs. Debra Rosen said. “She graduated with high honors, intense critical thinking skills, more empathy and became a mature young lady who will be a game changer in the next generation of young leaders.”

Outside of school work, Ladhawala is involved in dance; she is on the Ayala Dance Production (ADP) as a freshman and also a part of Dello’s Dance program. Even though she only recently found her passion for dance, she is extremely committed to her sport.

“I had a lot of time to myself during quarantine and I began to develop hobbies that I never thought I would end up loving,” Ladhawala said. “I explored various things and I found that dance is a true passion of mine.”

From left to right: Trudy Chang (10), Joy Zhu (11), Emma Fox (10), Maiah Torres (11), Tarin Ladhawala (9)
Ladhawala and her ADP teammates are smiling for a group picture.

Being on ADP’s dance team is impressive, but making the team as a freshman is even more of an accomplishment. Ladhawala is the living proof that anything is possible, as long as hard work is put into it. When she found out that she made it onto ADP, she was ecstatic, knowing that her hard work had paid off.

“I was so excited and it made me feel that even though I haven’t been dancing for too long, with hard work and effort, you can accomplish anything,” Ladhawala said.

Her close friends are excited to see that Ladhawala has found her passion. They can truly see the shift in attitude, as she becomes illuminated, her eyes lighting up with joy whenever she mentions her passion for dance.

“She’s just more happy now. I feel like she’s found her true passion since she started dancing,” Amanda Lyn (9) said.

When she is not studying for her rigorous classes or dancing, Ladhawala’s time is spent involved in many clubs that piqued her interest. As a result of her love of volunteering and helping those in need, Ladhwala spends a lot of her time in clubs that focus on the need of others, like Key Club, which is solely focused on volunteering for communities, and Creativity with Consideration Club, where her and other members use their artistic ability to make crafts to give back to the community.

“Helping others in any way, shape or form [is a passion of mine],” Ladhawala said. “Such as volunteering in the community, or tutoring someone in academics, or teaching a sport.”

Her compassion for others is just one of her best qualities. Ladhawala’s bubbly personality, wholeheartedness and empathy inexplicably draws people towards her, brightening up the room the minute she walks in, putting smiles to all her friends’ faces.

“Tarin’s such a loyal friend. She’s always there for me and she’s always stuck by my side,” Lyn said. “She always puts a smile on my face whenever I talk to her. She is a true friend.”

With a myriad of activities coursing through her life, Ladhawala couldn’t have done it alone. She gives credit to her grandma, who inspires her to persevere through tough times. 

“My grandma inspires me the most because she has a lot of wisdom and whenever times get harsh, she has really good advice and life lessons that she has learned throughout her lifetime that she passed on to me, which helps me achieve my goals more efficiently,” Ladhawala said.

Whatever Ladhawala does, she does it with full effort, passion, and determination. She puts her heart and soul into the things she loves and that’s what people love best about her.

“She has a huge heart and helps others in so many ways,” Rosen said. “Her heart is her best quality.”

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