Ryan Phua balances soccer and school


Katelyn Jimenez, Staff Member

Ryan Phua is an 11th grade student and student Athlete at Ruben S. Ayala High School. She is part of her high school JV soccer team and plays for her club team, Legends FC. She is a hard working student taking all honors classes, while maintaining above a 3.0 GPA. Most students doing a sport for high school and club can barely handle regular classes as it can be very difficult getting all their homework done. 

Phua gives out good advice for those who do sports and struggle to get their work done. “Time management is key,” she said. “It is very important that you balance out your school life and social life. Often times I do like hanging out with my friends, but I make sure I get everything done, this helps me set out my priorities first.” 

Phua allows us to have a look into her everyday life and what she does from beginning to end. Phua said, “I wake up at around 6 to make sure I have something quick for breakfast and to make sure I have all my school stuff ready, then I get dressed and go to school.” 

“I am in school from 7:10-2:37. I like to get my homework done during school, so that way I have less homework to do,” Phua said. “After school I have practice for high school, which is great because it is right after school and that lasts from 3-4:30.” 

After school, Phua continues her busy schedule with club practice. 

“My club runs from 6-7:30, which puts me at home at around 8 which is pretty late for me. Before bed I eat dinner, shower, brush my teeth, and finish any homework I have. Then I head off to bed at around 10.” 

Emily Tinco has been friends with Phua for 4 years. They’re on the same club team and have been on the same team since they were in middle school. 

Tinco said, “Ryan is a very genuine and honest friend. She has always helped me from any trouble I’ve had and has always made me feel wanted.” 

Phua is also a hard-worker on the field as she is team captain. Tinco said, “I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to be team captain. She helps our teammates out when they need it and always cheers everyone up if we had a bad game.” 

Another close friend of Phua, Christy Vicuna, is also on Ryan’s club team and high school team. Vicuna had nothing but positive statements to give out.

“Ryan is not only a great friend, but an amazing teammate and player. She hustles out there and is an amazing defender who always goes to the ball and stops plays from happening.” 

Phua and Vicuna have been friends since 9th grade when they met on their club team and became great friends when they found out they would be going to the same high school.

Vicuna said, “Over the years me and Ryan have gotten closer because we see each other every day, after school and on the weekends, so I am happy to have her as my friend.” 

Finally, Phua’s club coach, Coach John, who has been her coach for almost a year now, said, “From the year that I have had Ryan on my team I can say she is an outstanding player and teammate. She is very hardworking and determined. I knew right from when she practiced with me, that she would be a good fit for our team.” 

Every coach is different and looks for different things in a player that makes them stand out to them.

Coach John said, “What I look for in players is a good attitude, leadership, determination, and hardwork. To my knowledge Ryan has all those qualities. She works hard and is very kind to her teammates. I’ve noticed that helps them out and that’s what the game is about.”