The third generation of Airpods: what sets them apart

Teresa Huang

The third generation of Airpods has just been released on the 18 of October showing incredible new features. Features such as having more spatial audio, industry-leading sound, longer battery life, and a whole new design different from the past ones. 

These third generation Airpods have now joined the most popular type of headphones with up to 6 hours of listening time and up to 30 hours with the convenient charging case.

“In my opinion I think that Airpods are way more convenient than the wired ones,” said sophomore Iris Liu. The Airpods in general lead to less problems specifically by avoiding the tangled wires before trying to listen to music.

Although there are benefits, not everyone may think the same way about these new generations of Airpods. There are those who believe in the superiority of these new devices but also many dissenting statements regarding the new piece of technology.

“I would not personally buy them since you have to always charge it and the batteries do not last forever,” said sophomore Channhu Tran. The new generation of Airpods may mention how the batteries last up to 30 hours with the charging case, but after a long period of everyday use the batteries will most likely start to drain just like the iPhone. 

Although Apple has come out with a new generation of Airpods, many things will not be changed only because they come out with new electronics almost every year.  

“I think that it won’t really affect our generation as much only because students will have their earbuds in regarding the new model,” said sophomore Lindsay Shen. Since teenagers always keep their earbuds in whether it’s during class or outside of school it does not really make a difference in changing our generation of teenagers. 

Shen also brings up how mainly “the buyers of the Airpods now would probably be teenagers.” This was brought up only because almost every one of the students on campus have their headphones in during class. Although there are also other target buyers, for example people who like to listen to music daily, go to the gym, the directed audience mainly gears towards the younger generations.

The new Generation 3 Airpods ($179) are cheaper than the Pro ($249) but just a bit pricier than Generation 2 ($129). “I would personally buy [them] if they were not that expensive because they are a bit pricey just for wireless headphones,” said Liu.