What students really eat at school …


Jillian Goertz

“I never get food from the cafeteria, I only get food from the vending machines,” said sophomore, Sophia Gomez. 

This is what most students’ diets look like during their school day. Most choose to avoid the long cafeteria line and just hit the vending machines. Almost all students lack a healthy diet at school because of this, even with the nutritious meals that schools are providing. 

A school meal consists of milk, fruit, vegetables, and some type of whole grain. These types of things provide fiber and calcium which helps students maintain energy throughout the day. “I usually do not feel very hungry at school but when I am I feel very energy deprived”, said sophomore, Dominic Atilano. 

Food is not the only part of students’ school diets. One of the most important things that not many students have during the day is water. The average student does not drink enough water in a school day, which leads to dehydration. An individual should drink half their body weight in ounces of water a day.