Jack of all trades: inside the life of Anthony Cirillo


Mateo Cole

Bump into someone at school, and chances are that person will be a complete mystery, but after this hopefully one more person will be someone thought of as a friend. 

Anthony Cirillo is a young man of many talents, and through thick and thin he’s truly one hardworking, kind, and caring individual. But before diving into his character, knowing what he contributes to Ayala is incredibly important. 

“As of now I am currently in two clubs: West Coast Cleanup and Earth Club. Sustainability and environmental conservation have always been very important to my values so I decided to join and run clubs that align. As an event coordinator for West Coast Cleanup, I help find different events for us to participate in as well as fundraisers. For Earth Club, my job as president is to organize the club and the specific aspects that go into the garden,” senior Anthony Cirillo said. 

Not only working to better the environment, he also works to better his own physical health. During freshman and sophomore years, Cirillo was an incredible member of the Ayala Cross Country and Track team; however, due to a serious hip injury, he has not been able to return. But he refuses to let that stop him. 

“I started getting into fitness around a year and a half ago. At first it was extremely difficult because I had no idea what exercises to do or what to eat, not to mention no access to a gym. Over time I eventually got better info, ate better, and became more consistent in order to achieve my goals,” said Cirillo.

Through fitness, he finds more ways to incorporate and better support his friends in healthier activities. 

“We started out playing video games together. We both care a lot about fitness and he offered me a lot of advice on it when I was starting out,” said Matthew Cary, Ayala graduate and good friend of Cirillo.

Even with a heavy load of different AP (advanced placement) classes, Cirillo is able to balance his time well. Cirillo and his friends go rock climbing and spend nights over at his house eating healthier foods. He is also a shoulder to lean on when they go through rough times in their lives. 

“He is a real friend and I don’t know how I can elaborate on that but you can just tell he means well for everyone and anyone no matter who they are,” senior Sebastian Samayoa said.

Samayoa and Cirillo have been friends for years, and through it all there has been nothing but kindness and respect both ways. Cirillo works hard, not only to better himself, but the world around him.

If anyone sees this kind soul, never be afraid to say hello, and although he may offend some people, he wishes the school to know one important thing. 

“Purple is the best color and everyone else is wrong,” said Cirillo.