Preparing for finals: different ways students are combating their workload

Katelyn Jimenez

Finals are a very stressful time for all students in high school. Whether they’re taking AP classes or college prep classes, students fear for their grades and try their best to find the time to study, especially for those in after school activities. Fortunately, most classes are either excusing a final or providing some type of study guide to help students better prepare for the test. This helps them know what to study for and helps them have a better understanding on what the final will be about.

Sra. Florence Erturk is a Spanish 3 Honors teacher has been doing her best to make sure her students are ready for their finals.

“I don’t want my students to be bored with regular book work studying because that doesn’t get them interested,” said Sra. Erturk. “We do fun review games such as Kahoot and I give free points to those who make the top 5.” 

Teachers usually give advice to their students for any test or quizzes to make sure that they get the best grade possible. 

“Students should be reviewing their notes every night, not just the night before, because all that information will be crammed in at once and they won’t benefit from it,” said Sra. Erturk. “Most students will do well if they’ve studied all year, have done all their homework, and have paid attention in class.” 

Like most teachers, Sra. Erturk would love to see her students do the best that they could and believes that all her students can pass. 

 “I have been studying one subject a day for the past week to study for my finals,” said junior Daniel Duenas. “I also used the weekends to go over and test what I learned that week for each subject.” 

Following the advice of teacher, Duenas has been spreading out his studying for weeks now. This determination for success does come with reasoning behind it. Students have the need to do well for finals, whether that be because of colleges, sports, or family. 

“Doing well on the finals and getting good grades overall are important to me to enhance my recruiting process for track,” Duenas said. 

Finals continually bring out the nerves for students as their grade could depend on this single test. 

 “I’m most nervous for math because it’s not my strongest class, but I think I will do well,” said junior Sarah Renetria. 

 Due to all the stress that students endure, it is important for everyone on campus to take care of their mental health. 

“The most important thing is to not overwork myself and to make sure I get enough sleep the night before and eat breakfast,” said Reneteria. 

Students need to remember that finals week is temporary and if they don’t get the score they were hoping for, they can always have a second chance to do better next semester.  They must focus on the bigger picture and acknowledge that failure is the biggest source of motivation. 

“Students shouldn’t overwork themselves to the point where they may hurt themselves,” Reneteria said. “We are still kids and can’t hold onto a lot of stress before it becomes harmful. If you put in the hard work, then you’ll get the results you want.”