Seeing the world through a different light: ASL Club Spotlight

ASL Club offers students who are curious the chance to learn a skill

Letters A, S, and L in American Sign Language


Letters “A”, “S”, and “L” in American Sign Language

Emily Gutierrez

There are many amazing clubs on campus that help students further their knowledge and help them prepare for future events. One of these clubs is the ASL club. The ASL club helps students learn, and practice the basics of American Sign Language. 

There are many chances that the ASL club members get to practice sign language, including performing songs in sign language, fundraisers, and more. The most recent event held by the ASL club was their Christmas performance at Litel Elementary School. 

“The field trips we take are super fun and probably my favorite part of ASL club,” junior Kelsey Rhebergen said. 

There are many reasons why people want to learn American Sign Language, such as having hearing impaired family or friends or they could be curious about learning a different language. 

“I joined the ASL club because I wanted to gain more ASL experience by signing with other students and also making new friends in other level classes,” senior Madison Sales said.

Aside from personal interests, there are many benefits from learning sign language. Some of the benefits of learning sign language are that it improves communication, gives your brain an extra challenge, and it can be used at any time. 

ASL club is overall a very helpful and fun club that you should consider joining if you have the time, you won’t regret it.

“Even if you’re not in an ASL class it’s still great to learn more about ASL and meet a lot of awesome people, and if you are in the club it’s a great club to expand your ASL skills and get to know other people outside of your ASL class,” sophomore Abby Lane said. 

The ASL club meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month in room Bl34.