Seniors of Ayala: Embodying Energy

Brenda Murillo (12) creates a positive environment through Positive School Culture Club (PSC) and Ayala Dance Production


Brenda Murillo

“My love for dance is so strong [that] I knew I wanted to continue dancing in high school. Dance production has brought me so much happiness and joy [in] doing what I love with the people [that] I love,” Brenda Murillo (12) said.

Teresa Huang (10), Staff Reporter

Being very involved on the school campus, spreading positivity to students, and always having a positive mindset is very important. Brenda Murillo (12) brings all of the above here at Ayala and even more specifically she shows to also be a great leader. 

Murillo is a part of many activities around campus such as being on the Ayala Dance Production. “My love for dance is so strong, I knew I wanted to continue dancing in high school and dance production has brought me so much happiness and joy to doing what I love with the people I love,” said Murillo. Her dedication towards dance has led her to be passionate about everything she does in the dance production. Whether that could be cheering all her teammates on before a show or performance to always being positive during her practices. 

Being in Ayala Dance Production only shows partially what she does here at Ayala. Being president of any club can be a hard role for anyone to participate in doing. With Murillo’s committed self, she decided to become president of PSC (Positive School Culture Club). She made the decision to be president since she loves to bring joy to others and see the smile on others faces. Along with always having a positive attitude everywhere she goes, Murillo is also the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support ambassador (PBIS) where she attends meetings and discusses school behaviors with staff members and the ways to improve each student’s behaviors.

“I genuinely enjoy being in the loop with the school and being to encourage what things might help to change the environment on campus,” said Murillo. The determination about what she does has also brought her enough confidence to speak during the Friday announcements where she recognizes who have shown the 3b’s throughout the school campus and news. 

With all the leader positions that Murillo gets to do, it would have never been done without the help of counselors. Counselor Ryan Venegas has been one of her supporters throughout her high school experience where she would go to him for any leadership opportunities or advice.

I have seen firsthand her growth. Just a few years ago she was in my office because she was struggling with academics and the trials and tribulations that happen to many high school students. I offered her the opportunity to start and become president of a new club on campus, the Positive School Culture Club,” said counselor Ryan Venegas. “Brenda has grown so much, setting goals for the club, setting up meetings, having agenda items, fundraiser ideas, club activities and so much more, said Venegas. 

Her supportive friends have also come along in her journey through high school. “If I could describe her in a single phrase honestly it would be that being a leader isn’t about bossing people around, but leading them into prosperity while walking alongside them,” said Senior Carlee Egge.

Murillo becoming a positive leader has also influenced her friends where they feel like she is also the right person for any leadership position. To continue all her hard work she will soon be leaving to serve the country in the United States Air Force on September 6, 2022.

“My main goal is to go in open minded and with a brave attitude and I know that with dedication and hard work I will get through the difficult obstacles that the Air Force brings me and I am very excited to be given the honor to serve my country,” said Murillo.