Seniors of BDT: Mateo Cole


“I am definitely still learning on how to keep consistent in my work, but motivation comes from the love I have for whatever I do,” Cole said, “Even if it doesn’t, I recognize that I must accomplish that goal to help further do what I love.”

Sayee Deshmukh

A core memory for Mateo Cole was during sophomore year, when he had to get up early in the morning to compete in a 14 mile run, and rush to take a huge math test a mere 10 minutes later.

Cole has got a lot on his plate in terms of skill. The senior is not only a stellar athlete, running in Ayala’s boys track and cross country teams, but he is also a writer, artist, and academic.

“I have developed fairly decent hand eye coordination from drawing, so other skills are easier to pick up,” Cole said. “So if I want to be good at something, it depends on what it is to see how quickly I can develop that skill.”

Back to being a stellar athlete, Cole has performed well in his years at Ayala, and even before participating in the teams that the school has to offer. In the seventh grade, Cole competed in the Junior Olympics for track. Although one may feel nerves before competing in such a prestigious event, Cole did not feel nervous whatsoever.

“It was honestly like any other track meet, just much bigger,” Cole said. “I wasn’t afraid or nervous, at least not until I walked up on the line, but that was less of me feeling scared, and more so being unaware of how big that event was.”

Running is something that Cole is passionate about, and has even led him to receiving a scholarship for the University of La Verne as a collegiate athlete for cross country and track, all due to his passion and drive towards the sport.

“My favorite memory with Mateo was running cross country with him for all four years of high school as we got really close as friends,” said Dominic Ruiz (12), a best friend of Cole. “I’ll definitely support him for the rest of my life.”

“Running is such a mental sport just as much as it is a physical one, [the biggest advice is to] listen to your body, it will tell you if you are hurt and need a rest,” Cole said. “[Learning about] human anatomy is a great way to not only understand how running affects your muscles and joints, but it can help your diet and build together a proper training program to ensure success.”

Besides his love of running, Cole is also an avid fan of comics. 

“My dad is a big comic book fan, so I really was just brought up that way,” Cole said. “My first movie [I’ve ever watched] was Superman Returns and ever since then, I’ve been in love with the comic world.”

His love of comics goes beyond just the typical superhero comic. Cole also enjoys reading outside of the superhero genre, and likes to check out comics from lesser-known indie publishers.

“It isn’t just the superheroes, the art and stories told are always enthralling and the way writers express their creativity is something I have always envied,” Cole said.

Cole has learned a lot from his years at Ayala. The senior has learned a fair amount in terms of keeping motivated, as well as overcoming moments of stubbornness. In his words, Cole believes that “there is a time to be stubborn and a time to be easygoing.”

“I am definitely still learning how to keep consistent in my work, but motivation comes from the love I have for whatever I do,” Cole said. “Even if it doesn’t, I recognize that I must accomplish that goal to help further do what I love.”

Cole’s belief that motivation can help drive one into doing the things they love is something that almost anyone who knows him can trust he believes in, such as David Gorsage (12) who is a best friend of Cole, someone whom he has known since kindergarten.

“I really admire the fact that whenever Mateo sets his mind to something, he does it,” Gorsage said. “That’s why he has so many talents, he sets out to learn something new, and does just that, I really appreciate that and try to emulate that in myself.”

Now that Cole is graduating, he is ready to take on the challenges that come with college and adulthood. As mentioned earlier, Cole is set to be a part of La Verne University’s class of 2026.

“[After college] I plan on being an elementary school teacher, giving back to people and helping be a positive influence in people’s lives,” Cole said.

With learning all of these things about Mateo Cole, we can truly be sure that he will be successful in his life, and we absolutely wish him the best of luck moving into the future!