Staff of BDT: Trina Lizama

The journey to finding valuable friendships


Trina Lizama (12) at the Harry Styles concert on October 29th.

Kim Flores, Staff Writer

Trina Lizama, with big plans and goals ahead of them, deals with family problems and finds valuable friendships along the way. Growing up in the environment that he did, he never really understood what was going on. But as he got older he started to understand why things were the way they were.

“I never when I was younger I never really understood why I didn’t see my dad a lot but as I got older, I pieced together things and understood why, and then overall I think I had a pretty good life growing up,¨ Senior Trina Lizana said.

For Trina, loyalty and trustworthiness are really important when it comes to relationships and friendships. “If I can’t trust you, what’s the point?” said Lizama.

Past relationships have led to this paranoia that he’s being lied to. His relationship with his dad wasn’t the best due to some of his personal problems. It has definitely been something that still affects him to this day but has partially healed with time. Trina has always been close with his mom’s side of the family but they typically change their view of him from what he is like already as a person.

Even though he’s close with his mom’s side he finds himself having better moments with his dad’s side of the family. He felt that they saw him for who he was and never tried to change them. During their freshman year in high school, they struggled a lot because of problems at home and the pandemic. During that time he had some fallouts with friends and eventually realized who his real friends were.

“I had like three main people that would help me that would talk to and stuff like that,” Senior Trina Lizama said. Going on walks along with his dogs would usually help or just getting out of the house.

Trina Lizama has big plans for the future. He hopes to attend college and play softball during that time. As far as education wise, he would like to continue with journalism or creative writing. Softball is Trina’s passion, he’s been playing since he was 7 years old. When they’re not playing softball or attending meetings at school, he usually likes to scroll on TikTok or go on twitch. He usually likes to enjoy that time with some monster drinks and some Oreos. Their day typically starts with them rushing in the morning to get to school, once he gets home he’ll either go home to do homework or head over to softball practice. From there they just go home, clean up around the house, and call it a night.

Trina is very passionate, and creative, and can be indecisive, but one thing he is sure about is Disneyland. The whole family has Disney passes and gets together for a night out. Trina has always loved the interaction with all the different characters and going on the most intense rides that Disneyland has. “We’d always like to come up with different poses to do,” said Trina Lizama.

His brother and he always had a set plan of what their goals for the day were, so their time was very enjoyable. There will always be good times and bad, gray skies are just clouds passing over; with time, scars will heal and you will prosper.