Breaking News: “Disturbing text message” threatens safety of students and staff, fall spirit rally postponed

Isabel Sim, Features Editor

After Ayala administration became aware of a “disturbing text message” threatening the safety of students and staff on campus, Principal Diana Yarboi stated in an email sent out this afternoon, “Out of an abundance of caution, tomorrow’s spirit rally will be postponed to a later date”. CVUSD Risk Management Department and local authorities have began a prompt investigation into the matter, with law enforcement officers determining the threat to be non-credible at this time (i.e. it will not be carried out). In addition to tomorrow’s rally being postponed, Risk Management has arranged for additional security to be on campus tomorrow and has requested increased law enforcement patrols to monitor the school. 

In her statement, Yarboi stressed “the serious consequences for suggesting or making a threat against a CVUSD campus, students, or staff”, stating legal penalties under the District’s Code of Conduct. Students and staff can report suspicious or illegal activity via WeTip on the district’s “One-Stop-Shop” webpage or call (844) 909-0224 to provide an anonymous report to a WeTip representative.

This incident occurred after a threatening message had been found written on the wall of a girls’ bathroom near the MPR the day before, on which Yarboi released a similar statement: 

Administration did not release the message’s exact statement nor did they state whether the two incidents were related. At this time, it is unclear when the rally will begin. 

These chain of incidents occur as a similar message was written on the walls of the boys’ bathroom near the science building in November of last year, news of which was spread via social media and word of mouth, prompting a large majority (50%) of students to not attend school. Another, in which two students ignited fireworks during lunch period two weeks after (Friday, November 19). Sounds from the discharge were mistaken for gunshots, prompting a campus-wide lockdown and 10 law enforcement vehicles and a helicopter in the initial response.