Ayala Bulldogs Reign Over The Braves


Illustration by Katie Cheng

Maximus Hemming, Staff Writer

Just last week on Friday Oct. 21st,  the varsity football team of the Ayala Bulldogs secured a victory against the Alta Loma Braves as they certainly kept the offense on hand during this intense match. The Bulldogs started off hard and swift during the 1st play, achieving an 80 – yard touchdown run keeping the Braves on their toes. 

Ayala then hit a 91 – yard touchdown pass during the 2nd down,  now continuing to stir the pot as Alta Lomas team scrambled to knock Ayala off their soon to be streak.

In just the end of the 3rd quarter, within the Bulldogs, Quarterback Bryan Wilson completed a 40 – Yard pass to #5 Dominic Alloway for a touchdown in under a minute! The score was then  23 – 0 as the Braves struggled to keep afloat.

Ayala then scored their final few points as they hit a rushing touchdown, followed by a PAT. The score was now 30 – 0 and Alta Loma began to pick up the pace in the middle of the 4th quarter with rushing touchdowns made with the final endgame score of 30 – 14.

While it was a rugged match for Alta Loma, they made a valid attempt and continued to to make a comeback throughout the endgame, unfortunately for them still falling to the Bulldogs as the timer ran out with Ayala securing yet another away conference game from Alta Loma.