How to become the best version of yourself: High school edition


Olivia Mendoza

It’s so easy to become a better version of yourself. Just follow some of my favorite pieces of advice to improve your day to day life.

Olivia Mendoza

We’ve all seen the videos on Instagram or Tiktok about influencers preaching to their followers to live their best life. But really, how easy can it really be? After all, social media isn’t reality. These expectations that others hold themselves to is something that all of us want to achieve, but how can high school students really reach these dreams if we have to spend a majority of our day at school, playing sports, and participating in extracurricular activities? 

Well today, I can hopefully provide you with some of my favorite unsolicited advice to become a better version of yourself as a busy teenager.

1. Spend some of your time outside

As cliche as it may sound, spending the smallest amount of time out in the sun can really be beneficial to you, both mentally and physically. Now I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to be outside, I have things to do.” And with that I provide with my best answer, yes you do. There is always an opportunity to catch a few rays of sunshine, even if that means you have to multitask. Personally, I opt to eat my afternoon snack outside in my backyard instead of at my dining table. In between passing periods, take an extra lap around the quad before walking into your next class. Trust me, it will make you feel more energized, productive, and happier. Try trading in the fluorescent lighting for some natural feel-good sunlight.

2.  Trade in your screen time for some journaling 

Even though you may be the busiest person in the world, there is always time for this next piece of advice! Find the time to spend just five minutes of your day pulling out a pen and paper and write down what you are grateful for. This small but fulfilling act has left me feeling appreciative of even the smallest things in life. Even if you had what seems like the worst day ever, there is always something that you could write down. The food you ate, the clothes you wore to school, your friends, your dog, the list could go on forever. Personally, I love to write what I am grateful for based on what specifically happened to me throughout the day, but if you could find just three things to be grateful for I’m sure you will continue to see the good, no matter what kind of day you had.

3. Start your day with a morning stretch

If you are someone who hates waking up for school, this might be the solution to your biggest problem. Start the morning with a light yoga flow, and you can do this either lying down or after getting out of bed. Straighten out your legs and raise them to the ceiling, bring your knees to your chest, touch your toes, stretch your arms; do whatever feels comfortable for you. If you are really in a crunch for time, you literally could do this while brushing your teeth or as you get dressed for the day. Just the slightest bit of movement will get your blood pumping.  

4. Compliment someone

The easiest of tasks can go the longest way! We interact with so many different people throughout the day, and it really doesn’t take a lot of effort to find one person to compliment and help put a smile on their face. Who knows, you could be the person that changes the entire course of their day. It is a super simple task that leaves you feeling good, knowing that you tried to make the world a little bit better. Trust me, being kind goes a long way; way farther than you would ever think.

5. Have an epic concert with yourself

You heard that right, turn up the music and just let go! It never hurts to play your favorite song and dance with that tune in your room. If you are in a rush, blast your music in the car and have your own personal concert. Dancing and singing immediately lightens the mood and puts you in the right mindset to crush the rest of your day. There was never a time when this didn’t get me feeling a little more energized and ready for whatever task I had next on my to do list. Dancing to music is one of my favorite ways to get rid of any stress and allows me to reset my mind. Music is good for the soul after all.

While I can talk about things like this forever, I narrowed down my list to the top 5 things that even the busiest of high schoolers can do on almost a daily basis. You don’t need to change your entire morning routine, or replace what you already do for something you think you need to add. These few adjustments take minutes, and in most cases can be done while you are already completing one of the many other tasks you have set for the day. We all want to live our best lives, and hopefully these few pieces of advice can do just that for you!